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In essence, all consensual sex is a transaction; whether it is between spouses or you buy a service from a sex worker. This transaction is in play whether you use hard currency or soft currency such as a nice dinner or flattery.

Modern Time Castration is a comprehensive and philosophical stage play that analyzes mechanisms in human beings; a behavioral pattern that constantly seems to lead to war and conflicts. The current sex ban in Sweden and Norway and its dire consequences is thoroughly illuminated in this respect.

The playwright Penny Gelder presents a dialogue between SOLVITHENE: a 23-year-old philosopher (woman) and AQUALIA: a 5000-year-old River of Wisdom (female element). In addition, the play features the following cast:  THE BOY WITH THE STONE TABLETS: a 12-year-old boy from the city. NARRATOR: a 60-year-old, clear male speaker (man). 

As the piece is based on an extended philosophical conversation, the dramatic effects are very limited in order to emphasize the textual content.


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