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What happens to your body and mind when you quit religion?

So, you never thought you would come to this point; but after finally having revealed religion as artificial and man-made, this is what happens after you have decided to quit religion - and start living in harmony with yourself:

* In 20 minutes, your mind becomes distressed and confused; even though the euphoria of quitting a religion starts to embrace the mind at the same time.

* In 8 hours, the emptiness turns up, which is normal after the drug-like condition of being religious. This can be very dangerous and even fatal if not treated by for example a friend´s company, a reliable therapist or artistic stimuli.

* In 48 hours, your new religion-free life starts to feel intriguing; still a lot has to be done to replace the emptiness in your new drug-free life.

* In 72 hours, your thoughts and feelings are still a combination of elation and emptiness, leading to severe resentment over the power of religion and all the years being fooled or pushed by your family or society to take this drug.

* In 2 weeks, your new life is beginning to feel more perceptible, and in general you will develop a firmer balance. Still, the emptiness of leaving a drug like religion is very present and will perhaps lead to anxiety and trauma. Now it is important to make and maintain routines for your new religion-free life.

* In three to nine months, the emptiness of leaving a powerful drug like religion starts to recede; still you need to fill this emptiness with something equally powerful in order to control your anger towards religion so it will not restraint your life. Sex and physical exercise might be good alternatives to drugs, which will not poison your body like religion does.

* In 1 year, your risk of going back to religion is 100 % less than before you were born.

* In 5 years, your risk of having a "religion-attack" or being re-poisoned is 100 % less than at the time you were attending religious meetings and church as a child.

* In 10 years, your risk of becoming severely distressed due to quitting religion is less than for a person that never was religious, because you now know what religion is all about, and can be aware of its many dangers. Helping yourself out of this prison might encourage others to do the same.

* In 15 years, your risk of dying because of religion or infecting other humans with it is close to zero.
Penny Gelder

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