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About Penny Gelder 

Penny Gelder is a philosopher and free-thinking author of plays and other literary works - all of which have a philosophical underpinning. 

Her most recent work is the stage play Modern Time Castration
which is a philosophical dialogue and an analysis of the present sex ban in Norway - seen from a philosophical standpoint. Additionally, she is the copyright holder of The Law of Dignity and The Sex Ban Equation

«Being an artist, I have no personal interest in talking about or having an opinion on politics; it quickly becomes both inadequate and unnecessary. Religion, on the other hand, I can say something about because religion doesn’t fit the framework of politics: it belongs to an imaginary world that plays on emotions: poisonous and ecstatic for the people it concerns. By looking at the present and history in general, I notice how religion consistently damages and violates. Accordingly, I become seriously ill from the current type of «disguised religion», such as socialism, moralism and parochial feminism, with their deliberate play upon people’s conscience set reason and logic aside; a classic indoctrinating mechanism applied in all religions. These religions are often disguised as «politics» to make their religion more edible and to be able to implement their warped «conviction» via the so called great democracy. If avoiding action against these -isms, the future will be as tragic as bygone history and the present. 

I cannot know if God exists.
I cannot know if God does not exist.
Then, what is the meaning of life?
Since I cannot know, this question must remain open.
By the way, if you think you are God, I cannot know that either. And if I cannot know, I cannot believe.

Why not leave the question open? My advice is to use every second of life on anything but questions without answers.

- Penny Gelder


1 Modern Time Castration is a royalty-free stage play. May be freely printed, performed or otherwise used without further permission. 20©12 Penny Gelder