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The Law of Dignity™

§1 Consensual sex

If you, based on your integrity and right to decide over yourself, choose to sell or purchase consensual sexual services; it is a major freedom infringement by others apart from yourself and the other person(s) directly involved, denying you to perform your choice.

Information about the law

The Law of Dignity, part of the analytic philosophy Modern Time Castration, is written as a reaction to the latter time’s tragic and surreal development concerning independent adults in the Norwegian society.

The deprivation of consensual sex in Norway is an extremely self-evident example of a major human violation.

Norway, with its newly acquired wealth, might have been a modern and enlightened society founded on general respect for each other’s choices and dissimilarities; a protection of vulnerability and the individual human being, with as little interference as possible into irrelevant matters and people’s private lives. Instead, this country has lapsed many years back in time and is currently closer than ever before to a form of governmental infringement system resembling the Christian Middle-Ages. Comparing Norway to other religious countries with a fanatical form of government and federal Public Guardians; the Nanny State, is natural and obvious.

All of this takes place in an information based society where it is possible to find out what the Nanny State and violations based on presumptions and neo-moralism camouflaged as «values» might and have led to, just by tapping a few keys on a computer. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that technological development does not equal intellectual development.

In general, the Nanny State with all its offensive traits, especially as seen in written laws, seeps into our lives day by day and infects the people who are subjected. This happens quietly until one dares to confront oneself with reality or one suddenly and with horror discovers that one is captured by the system. Some infamous historical leaders were experts in the practice of psychological invasion to get their ways and remove all the things they did not want to see: knowing the consequences, one does well in obeying - no matter the humiliation it implies.

But what if one dares to ask oneself why a bitter taste appears when one thinks about one’s own subdued role in such a society? What if one really analyzes the propaganda flourishing in the media or take in what your closest ones have to undergo because of the Nanny State; what is one to do?

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