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Norway and The International Declaration of Human Rights 

When discovering that the Norwegian Sex Prohibition Law1 is a violation of

 the International Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 19, 25, 27 and 29

, I immediately had to start the systematic investigation leading to the stage play Modern Time Castration. Read detailed argumentation for every single article here.
My hope is that this artistic philosophical analysis in the play may inform the United Nations and the world as such, about the offenses that currently so openly take place in Norway.
The UN's clear and unambiguous report on the decriminalization of sex workurges countries to decriminalize voluntary sex trade (selling and buying) to prevent the spread of HIV, and fight the miserable and dangerous lives many of the workers have to face in countries where sex trade is prohibited. New Zealand is a shining light in this respect, as the country treats the sex workers with decency and relevant working conditions.
I still struggle to fathom how this can come to pass; that laws prohibiting sex, based on religion and moral, still may materialize in Western countries in modern times.
With such a law in effect, every second passing is a historic disaster affecting freedom and human worth and will lead to excessive hardships in the short and long run. 
There is a significant difference between exercising freedom of religion in a state where a citizen may choose or not choose a religion – and having the state impose religious moralistic laws onto its citizens who are not free to choose because they cannot reject the law. 
If freedom of religion is not present in a state, you may end up with a law stating that you are not allowed to not be a Muslim. This is an exact parallel to the violation of the Sex Prohibition Law (the so-called Sex Purchase Law), which declares that you are not allowed to not steal sex.  
Every second of such a law´s existence is a disaster. Those who decide to keep the blinders on contribute to the adversity. 
It concerns you, whether you see it, like it, or not.

 - Penny Gelder

 1 Also called the "Sex Purchase Law". See The Sex Ban Equation
 2 See The Law of Dignity, §10 The International Declaration of Human Rights
 3 See The UN's clear and unambiguous report on the decriminalization of sex work