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Five facts you need to be aware of before visiting or moving to Norway 

[These five examples are thoroughly illuminated in the stage play Modern Time Castration]

1. Religion and socialism in villages and cities are strongly present in Norway. If you are a free-spirited and unconventional thinker, and not a member of the flock of sheep, this might be a fanatical and vicious country in which to settle.  

2. All sex – including the most uncontrived form, the one you make up for with settlement, is prohibited in Norway. The Sex Prohibition Law (known as the Sex Purchase Law) in Norway is a violation of 12 Human Rights.


 You may be arrested for trying to have consensual sex with another adult.

3. A wide range of unwritten, neo-moralist and violating rules exist in Norway. Hence, there is a lot of anger and crime in this country muffled by the fact that it is so rich that it can sweep the problems under the carpet using money and a so-called welfare to distract 

the citizens. 

4. Norway still applies moralistic laws and regulations that might have been used in socialistic regimes or in the Middle Ages after the Christianization of the country. How can people act and live within these parameters? Simply because some are too imprudent or vicious to take counter action, infused with nostalgia and traditions that overrun logic.

5. The Norwegian State is, together with former Soviet States, well known for spreading misguiding propaganda about certain matters the government do not like

Many dissidents had to flee the Soviet Union. You can flee Norway too, if you live there or have a Norwegian citizenship. There are very few Western countries that have prohibited sex. Move to and change citizenship in a country where the State Suppressor does not commit obvious offences against your privacy. 

Alternatively, you have to lead a double life.

If you are a Norwegian citizen and copulate with your friend, wife, partner or a professional, you are actually breaking the law per 2012. This is illuminated in The Sex Ban Equation.2

1 See Norway and The International Declaration of Human Rights

2 The Sex Ban Equation
to "get" = to steal or to purchase

With the Sex Ban Equation, Penny Gelder proves that the only real alternative to stealing sex is purchasing it.

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