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Seven similarities between two historical tyrants

Adolf Hitler is infamous for his creation and advocacy of Holocaust, while Miss Newhill is a fictional character, a bigoted and radical feminist infamous for advocating a general sex prohibition and mental genocide (also known as the Sex Purchase Law).

1. Both raise their hands and think they are God by presenting allegations that immediately and logically may be philosophically and practically refuted. Despite innumerous counter-evidence they keep up their assaults as if the counter-evidence does not exist.

2. Both prohibit something on account of their intense loathing, despite the fact that this loathing has no foundation in a respect for fellow human beings who have chosen differently than them.

3. Both agitate crowds by interlinking causes for misery with their own agenda and hate. This is carried through by the use of illogical and defiling means so as to play upon people’s conscience and actively spreading shame.

4. Both exploit their authority to fabricate scapegoats lacking quality of life and low standards of living, aiming at attacking what they abhor personally through their positions of power.

5. Both are bigoted fanatics who will not accept the following:

If person A wishes or chooses to do something, then it follows that the ultimate respect from person B would be to refrain from interfering, even if  person B completely disagrees with or would not have gone through with what person A wishes.

6. Both carry out illogical and forced legislation by implementing a creeping, developing fear in which children and young people have to grow up; forced legislation and moralizing commands will be massively reflected in their minds as short circuits of integrity.

7. Both will be punished in the end because their methods and intentions are revealed and the damages will be proven as extremely comprehensive and not accepted, as society gradually will comprehend the extent of malice the tyrants have carried out. 

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