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The Sex Ban Equation™

Acquiring sex = stealing or purchasing.

There are only two options for having sex.
Any form of consensual sex is a transaction or trade if you take a closer look. 
The Sex Ban Equation™ proves that the only real alternative to stealing sex is purchasing sex, hence there are but two ways of having sex: stealing or purchasing.
Both ways are prohibited in countries following «The Swedish Model»


The logic is as follows:

1. Stealing – money as settlement is not involved between the parties.

Stealing sex may be defined as follows: sex is taken with the use of force, without consent.

2. Purchasing – settlement money is involved between the parties.

The event leading to sex is often of a psychological nature; a mood perhaps instigated by flattery, a present, some drinks, sex to resolve an argument in a relationship, or an imagined equilibrium creating a fiction where it is possible to believe that both parties want sex 100 % evenly. All this is paid even money / cash in the bottom.

Taking a closer look, any form of sex, excluding the one that is stolen, is bound to be a consensual transaction or trade.

No matter how you twist and turn the situation, a purchase is involved – directly or indirectly – in an act that many believe is for free. You invest and expect a result. Money is always – directly or indirectly – the foundation of an investment of this nature. Buying a present, flowers, a bottle of wine, or a night at a hotel: the examples of investments made to get sex are countless. Buying a present or giving the corresponding amount in cash; there is no actual difference. The same is true if you invest in cosmetic products or strive to look your best to reach the ultimate goal: having sex.

Purchasing sex by using this camouflaged currency takes place when the receiver unwittingly (for lack of better knowledge) or intentionally (by applauding conventions) accepts this form of payment.

An alternative to the above is where you pay a professional sex worker in return for a health service. This action is neither rooted in ignorance nor is it applauding conformity; is it simply a planned transaction without the use of camouflaged currency.


The only alternative to stealing then, is purchasing. «Getting» sex is just a conventionally accepted form of one or these two options: stealing or purchasing. Logically, nobody really «gives» sex ; hence nobody can «get» sex.

The logic of The Sex Ban Equation™ is hereby proven:

Acquiring sex = stealing or purchase.


This means that any kind of sex is prohibited for every citizen of countries following «The Swedish Model».

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