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Penny Gelder

Modern Time Castration

A philosophical dialogue on a state's folly and malice.

Stage play based on facts about Norway, a country where any kind of sex, in reality, is prohibited by the state.
The Sex Prohibition Law (known as the Sex Purchase Law) in Norway is a violation of 12 Human Rights, Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 19, 25, 27 and 29.


After Penny Gelder published her stage play in 2012, Amnesty International published their official standpoint on Human Rights for autonomous sex trade based on free will in 2016. July, 2019: As part of UN’s sustainable development goals, the organisation have determined to target laws that criminalise people and hence discriminate. This includes sex work.

Essential quotes

«Any form of consensual sex is a transaction or trade if you take a closer look.»

 «Did you know that children and young people in Norway grow up in a society in which they learn that consensual sex is prohibited?»

«There are but two ways of having sex: stealing or purchasing. Both ways are prohibited in Norway.»

 «The ones who have chosen to sell sex as part of a health and service segment will not stand the role of victims that some want to force upon them. The only type of victims they might be classified as are victims of harassment because the State Suppressor degrades them by portraying their occupation as inferior in the media and elsewhere.»

«The fewer stigmas an occupation bears, the safer and more accepted it becomes.»

«Had healthy items like apples been forbidden to purchase, such a law would have been called The Apple Purchase Law. In Norway both purchasing and stealing sex is prohibited; hence it is not possible to have legal sex for any of this country´s citizens. This sex ban applies worldwide. Therefore, this neo-moralistic law needs to be retitled, and given the far more appropriate term The Sex Prohibition Law and not the fallacious title The Sex Purchase Law.

The fitting and logical title The Sex Prohibition Law is now the term used in this philosophy. This is absolutely necessary, if not; it would be misleading and illogical.


«This philosophical play is first and foremost about freedom; not slavery. Because eventually, lack of freedom leads to slavery, hence freedom should be given great attention.»

«The fact that a state prohibits consensual sex for its people equals mental genocide.»

«Pure logic: If consensual sex with a sex worker is rape, then any consensual intercourse with any person must be rape.»
«Pure logic: An autonomous sex worker who has nothing to do with trafficking, has nothing to do with it. Just as little as a teacher or doctor who has nothing to do with it either.»

«Pure logic: Since consensual sex is prohibited in Norway by 01.01.2009, the youngest legal person in this country must per 2019 be 9 years of age.»

«Pure logic: Sex in itself is healthy for body and soul and can prevent many illnesses = People need much sex = Every community should appreciate a lot of sex workers that wish to work with this.»

«A freedom in danger is as critical as repeating slavery. Never tamper with personal freedom.»


Preface by the Playwright


This is a philosophical dialogue that has forced its way through; I should never have had to write it. 

In our so-called enlightened time, I thought that knowledge about historical conflicts would prevent certain types of bigoted and narrow-minded people to achieving power in a state based on democracy.

One might claim that every human being is born without a preference according to politics and religion. Unfortunately, as time passes, something happens and a number of people are influenced by bigotry, moralism and the need to judge others based on their own «truth». Consequently, this play might seem like a hard pill to swallow and the reader has to reject conventional thinking in order to understand. I hope this play can spur some minds and contribute to action in society. Still, I would rather that the world had progressed when it comes to wisdom and respect so that this play would remain unwritten. Sometimes the form of art might bring some people to a higher understanding. 

Well, it all commenced when I encountered some people from Norway. They were in a condition I can only describe as deep despair. They told me that consensual sex has become outlawed in Norway, meaning the state through legislation has castrated its entire population. The fact that a state prohibits consensual sex for its people equals mental genocide. Perhaps what made the most profound impression on me was the conversation I had with a father, whose children were seven and ten: «Had I known sex would be outlawed in Norway in the future, I would have thought carefully about having children at all. What can I tell my children? I want them to be able to have a sex life when they grow older.» I decided to investigate some on my own. After some research, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. 

Allow me to clarify: Food and sex is evidently something an individual needs to avoid conflicts and sorrows; to survive and procreate. And there are but two ways of having sex: stealing or purchasing. Both ways are prohibited in Norway. Non-consensual sex can be defined as stealing sex. However, any form of consensual sex is a transaction or trade if you take a closer look. Thus, since both stealing and purchasing sex is prohibited, all sex has to be defined as illegal in Norway.

The only sensible and logical way for every human to have an unrestrained sex life will then be the following – perpetually:

a) Individuals wanting to buy or sell consensual sex should of course have to possibility to do so. It is a crime to hinder consensual transactions; selling and buying.

b) Individuals that do not want to buy or sell sex should have course never have to. Slavery is a crime and must be investigated when there is a reasonable ground for suspicion.

Then one has to establish a sound way to separate a) and b) instead of criminalizing the totally innocent. 

This is absolute freedom. Anything else is illogical. 

This philosophical play is first and foremost about freedom; not slavery. Because eventually, lack of freedom leads to slavery, hence freedom should be given great attention. Slavery or human trafficking has long been abolished by many countries. This applies to Norway, as well. This certitude will not be given any specific attention since it is illogic and uninteresting to shed light on the contrast to freedom. A freedom in danger is as critical as repeating slavery. Never tamper with personal freedom. This must be acknowledged, the sooner the better, and all the way through this play. Modern Time Castration is about choice and free will - not the opposite. Unfortunately, some bigots will consciously derail the play's content with biased arguments, sentiment and the lack of logic, in a belief that this will affect people.

If you believe in the fundamental right to decide over yourself, your sex-life and exercise free will; how can it be that someone permits these rights to be eliminated? How can it be that the hard-earned liberties of an individual become a question of a political play to remove these rights again; replacing free will and choice with a forced parameter of guilt-ridden, neo-moralistic righteousness? How can it be that a modern society readily accepts this cruel violation? Society will succumb when it is force-fed enough propaganda through a bigoted media. A numb and self-centred majority will not see the consequences of their indifference. Bit by bit real freedom is taken away and your innermost, private sphere is invaded. By whom, you say? By the league of socialists, Christians and parochial feminists who will not stop until they have changed you to their liking. If you accept their haughty invasion, their desire to regulate and pass legislation on your sex-life, their effort to change your values through manipulating your consciousness: you are an accessory of a crime against fundamental freedom.

It is a wicked and surreal modern time castration.

I want to thank the two people from Norway for helping me gather facts and background information used to write this play. Though I have to inform that these people brought their families with them and moved abroad. They have started the process of becoming citizens in a country that is not littered with bigoted moralism leading to a modern time castration.

- Penny Gelder 20©12

See The Sex Ban Equation



Table Of Contents

Preface by the Playwright
Cast of Characters

Act 1

Preface to the Law of Dignity
The Law of Dignity

§1 Consensual sex 
§2 People’s privacy
§3 Availability of sex
§4 Honest settlements
§5 Sexual arousal 
§6 The innocence of gender
§7 Personal choice
§8 Health services
§9 Business discrimination

Act 2 

§10 The International Declaration of Human Rights
§11 The fabrication of criminals
§12 Legislation
§13 Those who think they are God 
§14 Lethal changes of attitude
§15 Defamation 
§16 Choice of occupation
§17 The grip of moralism
§18 Self-insight 
§19 Unrestricted options
§20 The role of the police
§21 The Nanny State
§22 Hidden agendas
§23 Inadvertent harm
§24 Ignorance of history 
§25 Prisoners of conscience 
§26 The damaging of health services 
Recommendations for new articles for the Law of Dignity 
§27 Punishment for people that pass defiling laws
§28 The fall of the Sex Prohibition Law and a warning against repeating history 
§29 Punishment for people behind the Sex Prohibition Law 
§30 Punishment for the discrimination and defiling of the freedom of speech in Norway



20©12 Penny Gelder

Modern Time Castration is a royalty-free stage play. May be freely printed, performed or otherwise used without further permission.




Cast of Characters

SOLVITHENE  - 23 years old, philosopher (woman).

AQUALIA - 5000 years old, «River of Wisdom» (female element).

THE BOY WITH THE STONE TABLETS 12 years old, from the city (boy).

NARRATOR - 60 years old, a clear male voice (man).




In an open, lush landscape.



Late summer.

Act 1


A valley, a river (represented by a person wearing blue fabric), a tree, a big rock by the river. At the end of the river sits an actor, dressed to represent the river.

It is late in the afternoon. It is still warm outside, and the sun is shining. A few birds are singing. AQUALIA, the River of Wisdom, enjoys the sunshine, and makes waves.

SOLVITHENE enters the stage and is very elated. She sits down on the rock, squinting at the sun covering her eyes. She is thinking. Very intensely. But something has happened, and SOLVITHENE starts to feel uncomfortable. After a while, the sun goes down, and attention is concentrated to a place beyond the top of the left mountain on stage, on which the NARRATOR is present. Only the NARRATOR´s voice is heard. The NARRATOR is surrounded by a blue light when he speaks.


NARRATOR (talking from behind the mountains)

The philosopher SOLVITHENE lives somewhere between the Earth’s core and infinity. Lined between these points is a star-filled sky and philosophical trains of thoughts. Their mission is to spur a state of existential peace. 

One day, SOLVITHENE received a vision and she then traveled to complete a mission she so far knew nothing about.

Then SOLVITHENE passed by a small country in the far north, where freedom was recently fabricated and portrayed as treacherous. Still, nature surrounding this country was of the purest quality. 

The River of Wisdom in this country, AQUALIA, asked Philotene to collect all impressions and events, and then withdraw in order to make a law to emancipate the prisoners of freedom in this country. This was because she feared that mankind would dry out the River of Wisdom, and crush the mighty mountains in the countdown of the vicious vortex. 

The name of the country was Norway.

SOLVITHENE thought to herself that a law like this ought to be redundant in light of elementary history education and what lies beyond every war in the world, but AQUALIA responded that the recent centuries’ political fusion of neo-moralism, religion, selfishness, propaganda and evilness in this country had to compel such an act in the name of self-esteem. 

SOLVITHENE is not Norwegian nor does she reside in Norway. Still, SOLVITHENE pays attention and she needs to speak up.


AQUALIA (speaking to SOLVITHENE, who has risen from the rock)

You will try to help these people by enlightening them about the real situation, so that we all may breathe freely and I myself may flow around the pebbles and create free waves in the water. You will make a law that has a philosophical origin; solely based on logic and respect for every individual, and its name will be the Law of Dignity.

Philosophy overruns science and surveys because a philosopher shall think purely and organic, beyond time and space, while a scientist investigates something that is possibly already there. And what is possibly there might be based on conventions or charged sentiment: hence science might become inadequate or insignificant when it comes to certain matters. Worst-case scenario is that some might take advantage of this because the audience and the people very often aim at believing in such faulty conclusions because of private, egocentric motives.

Sometimes, in such matters, the only effective remedy is to burn everything down to the ground completely, because this will reset the point of departure. This is where philosophy is unique. However, a lot of people will have to pulverize their life-lies. I believe that someone in Norway is this brave. 

I will guide you on this journey.


Then who can I relate to? The people of this little country Norway practice something called democracy, where all citizens may vote equally through different electoral systems. They might do this despite the fact that not everyone has appropriate or relevant wisdom, experience and expertise considering the matters they are to vote for. None of the citizens has to prove through tests that they possess sufficient knowledge about the matters they are to decide on through voting. Hence, evil forces might abuse this system by achieving a numb majority for their warped opinions, often anchored in neo-moralism and religion.

Tell me then, how can I know who to trust when the unwise is made equal to the wise?



Very few people, if any, possess a total and pure philosophy, wisdom and perspective. Therefore, democracy through its inherent nature must lead to a whole range of decisions based on selfishness, ignorance and narrow-mindedness, which in its turn will affect the wise that see through this very insufficient and dangerous construction. Next, laws that degrade and stigmatize a whole nation will automatically follow, instead of a philosophical identification of the individual’s qualities and limitations. The wise cannot do anything else but follow their own wisdom until death, but they may leave some constructive energy on a pure spot, pending a new shooting star.

Time has now come to try and spur some reflection.



Tell me, AQUALIA, what am I up against? Will my efforts be futile? Will these people be able to see philosophically, acknowledge; take a personal scratch? It is possible that one cannot look at suffering for too long without a rupture of one’s passivity? 


To get to the bottom of a problem of conventional character and get rid of it properly, one has to obtain a philosophical point of view. To relate to what people call statistics and inquiries when the starting point is conventional or defiled in other ways will only result in vicious circles where the problem is sustained, exactly what people with a craving for power or low integrity applaud. The Law of Dignity is a philosophy, and thereby has a philosophical starting point, and it will only be supported by philosophical logic; never science, due to the mentioned reason.

Remember SOLVITHENE; this is my assertion: Socialism is a type of religion where Suppression is God. A socialist is a suppressor. Evil’s name in the crowd is Self-Righteous. History shows that the only language the overwhelmingly self-righteous, devout socialists and other religious people understand and give in to is war and violence. Alas. They often talk against logic and lack of better knowledge, and do not show respect for the individual’s right to choose. 

But are they a deity that knows everything about everyone’s personal lives? Can they raise their hand and say: Yes, we are God! 

No they cannot, and therefore they are dangerous in any position of power. Alas, history repeats itself incessantly.

You should provide some examples to assist those with an open mind. Remember this for every possible side of all future cases. Remember, maturity may vary; from sudden to slow. But never back down and modify the point; never consider anything else than the dynamic and philosophical world. Many people are searching and will always be drawn to the light, like the moth’s yearning - out of prison.

To illustrate my point: I have noticed that many adults saying they have turned more left wing-radical through the years might as well have said that they have become more and more bitter. But they will not admit it. They hope to catch news in the media that will confirm their political commitment in global, public situations. It is very easy to analyze such cases. Very often such people may feel unsuccessful privately, professionally or in some kind of manner. They may well have their own sphere, where they suddenly become king of the hill. As they notice that death is approaching, they have to behave with falseness, as it is too painful to admit that they have been fundamentally wrong all their lives, and moreover, they have hurt themselves, their closest and the world around them for a long time. Fanaticism is about to fall apart. 

People that disguise their bitterness with demonstrations and light candles in their home country for Palestine or Libya after having watched the news on television cannot be trusted. They have brainwashed themselves into believing that they have made such a big difference in the world, by thinking something based on masked egotism. Because this alone is not enough to help those who are really suffering around the world. Basic logic, SOLVITHENE.

I will soon elaborate on this.

One has to fully ignore these people; let the narrow-minded stay narrow-minded, because they are maintaining a tabloid and numbing socialistic angle on something that really has an elementary, philosophical solution. Produce a law concerning this and other aspects that create unrest and disorder, SOLVITHENE. Use the degrading grammar of the law, because this is a type of language that can be paralleled with their very own language.


NARRATOR (talking from behind the mountains)

And SOLVITHENE learned the system of Norway and started working on the new law, which was to contribute to save the people of Norway from their own ignorance and malice.


(SOLVITHENE stands on the cliff and watches the magic landscape and she observes its non-human undefiled character.
She takes two steps forward and turns her gaze towards the place AQUALIA dwells. She changes between looking to the clouds and down to the ground near AQUALIA.)



Preface to the Law of Dignity
Written and proclaimed by SOLVITHENE



The Law of Dignity is a philosophy using the script’s form and is written as a reaction to the latter time’s tragic and surreal development concerning independent adults in the Norwegian society.

The State has castrated the nation of Norway and its entire population since consensual sex has been made illegal because of polls at what is known as party conventions in the socialist-religious Norway, and it is so stirringly violating that is forces the stage play MODERN TIME CASTRATION into existence. MODERN TIME CASTRATION is an analytic philosophy that needs to be read in its entireness to grasp the full coherence between the sections. The deprivation of consensual sex in Norway is an extremely self-evident example of a major human violation, and it will be used actively to get to the depths of the generally muddy waters of the situation.

Norway, with its newly acquired wealth, might have been a modern and enlightened society founded on general respect for each other’s choices and dissimilarities; a protection of vulnerability and the individual human being, with as little interference as possible into irrelevant matters and people’s private lives. Instead, this country has lapsed many years back in time and is currently closer than ever before to a form of governmental infringement system resembling the Christian Middle-Ages. Comparing Norway to other religious countries with a fanatical form of government and federal Public Guardians; the Nanny State, is natural and obvious.

All of this takes place in an information-based society where it is possible to find out what the Nanny State and violations based on presumptions and neo-moralism camouflaged as «values» might and have led to, just by tapping a few keys on a computer. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that technological development does not equal intellectual development.

In general, the Nanny State with all its offensive traits, especially as seen in written laws, seeps into our lives day by day and infects the people who are subjected. This happens quietly until one dares to confront oneself with reality or one suddenly and with horror discovers that one is captured by the system. Some infamous historical leaders were experts in the practice of psychological invasion to get their ways and remove all the things they did not want to see: knowing the consequences, one does well in obeying - no matter the humiliation it implies.

But what if one dares to ask oneself why a bitter taste appears when one thinks about one’s own subdued role in such a society? What if one really analyzes the propaganda flourishing in the media or take in what your closest ones have to undergo because of the Nanny State; what is one to do?



The imprudent offender cannot excuse his actions if the imprudent offender has received a logic, irreproachable explanation of a case which the imprudent actually understands, but still he chooses to proclaim his old opinions because it is too painful to admit that the imprudent and the imprudent’s family have been wrong for years, or at all times. 

In such cases, imprudence has turned into wickedness, because it has become calculating and is compromising the true realization, and has become a falsity. 

This will often happen to socialists and other religious people if their adolescent immaturity continues through to maturity, on account of their own pride. Then the wickedness, having turned from imprudence, consists of egotism. Such people should not be able to proclaim their falseness to others but themselves, not even their neighbor

Often, socialists in Norway claim, «We are so well off in this country! Stop complaining!» 

SOLVITHENE, you must try and figure out how it is possible to be this disrespectful when the only correct and logic thing to say would be: I think I am well off in this country. 

Socialists, who often enough pick on economic prosperity, use precisely this concept to measure what «good» is; only, they use it without mentioning money, but instead they use the term Welfare Society. Credible? Norway boasts of being a so-called free country. This title is violating every citizen, and it is incredibly rude to boast of since it is easy enough to prove it wrong because it does not add up logically. 

I will elaborate on this later on.

Socialists, Christians and other religious people need a certain calling in life in order to make things convincing, therefore one must assume that their work and life is coloured by this. According to logic, such people should ideally not work in healthcare positions and have a responsibility for education and information; that being teachers, psychologists, and doctors as their calling in life must be the most important factor of all, and becomes the underlying motivator for everything. Hence, such people cannot be truly professional. They have to openly admit their calling. If they do not follow their calling and use the time to introduce their religion via closed or semi-closed argumentation, they are not really religious, but happy campers or who trick people by portraying themselves as casual and a part of the secular reality. Consequently, it becomes a high risk of violation against children and adults, exposing them to such seemingly pious people.

This is logic. 

Much is written in the Bible and other scriptures about what is needed. Matt. 28:19-20: «Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the Age.»

The one interpreting a Holy Scripture elevates himself to God. There is a grave danger that the interpreter carefully selects and tailors what he finds comfortable and fitting; excusing the one foot he has in the secular world, as opposed to having both feet in the Holy Scripture, by claiming that all Holy Scriptures must be adapted to the time and age we live in. However, timelessness and holiness need no adjustments or adaptions. Then they would be manmade. Additionally, the ones having one foot in the secular world and the other in the spiritiual world, interpret Holy Scriptures to infect others with their own non-holy script. 

SOLVITHENE, you should not waste time, I repeat: not waste time talking about victims or those who do not wish to buy sex, in relation to The Law of Dignity. A completely different matter is the real victims who should be taken very seriously by an exhaustive investigation in order to find the molester in such cases. 

But there are plentiful examples of people misusing the conventional conscience´s upper hand to forbid things they do not like - by the use of ulterior motives.


SOLVITHENE (nods to AQUALIA and continues)

Alas, I see things all too clearly, just after a very short time in the small nation of Norway. I see that socialists are often so smug, self-righteous and little introspective, that unfortunately, as AQUALIA stated, war and violence is the only language they will understand. Just like their brothers in China or the former Soviet Union. This philosophy deals with the occupation and bereavement of free will and freedom by unskilled lay people attending national conventions.

To buy consensual sex is as criminal as saying Hello! to your own reflection in the mirror. How is it possible to find anything criminal in this action, content-wise or logically? 

In the Law of Dignity it is proven why Norway as a state per today is a perpetrator, and it is also described in detail how one may punish the perpetrators and prevent neo-moralistic and false doctrines to reach new generations.

In relation to this philosophy, you are advised to read the fairy tale «The Emperor’s New Clothes», a text which AQUALIA has described as honourable, accessible, literary wisdom.



And SOLVITHENE sat down on a rock under the starry sky, and let herself be immersed by a clean, logic train of thoughts completely devoid of conventional, neo-moralistic or religious interference, and began the work on the new law which was to save the people of Norway from the Nanny State. 


*** The Law of Dignity ***

(Written and proclaimed by SOLVITHENE)



§1 Consensual sex

If you, based on your integrity and right to decide over yourself, choose to sell or purchase consensual sexual services; it is a major freedom infringement by others apart from yourself and the other person(s) directly involved, denying you to perform your choice.

§2 People’s privacy

Any external person or party denying to recognize a transaction of sexual services between two adult people alone, who both want to do this out of free will, is committing a crime out of ignorance, egotism or self-righteousness, towards the private sphere and, just as perilous, towards the seller’s business administration – and hereby make the world a more dangerous place to live in. A natural consequence would be to punish that 
external person or party in question.

§3 Availability of sex

Seeing as people have different approaches to sex, it might be a better alternative to buy services from someone who wants or chooses to sell sex, rather than stealing this through a personal relationship where the interest for sex is unequally distributed between the two. It is therefore logic and important that the availability of sex is sufficient enough.

Denying someone the possibility to pay for him or herself is like forcing someone to steal.


§4 Honest settlements

The most candid form of all sexual activity is the one that is paid for using hard currency. Logically, the alternative must be what some might like to call dirty money, exemplified by stealing or nagging, enticing someone into bed after an alcohol-infused night on the town, closing deals after a business dinner, or in situations where one part is head over heels in love and the other just exploits the situation. Therefore, no real law is broken by obtaining sexual services from someone who wants to sell sex, founded on their own free will, or sexual drive, if the ones involved are better off by doing so in a professional setting. There is no need to complicate the situation by bringing in emotions, and what’s more; a professional should know what strings to pull in the sexual act, without involving unnecessary feelings. 

Non-consensual sex is stealing. However, any form of consensual sex is a transaction or trade if you take a closer look. The event leading to sex is often of a psychological nature; a mood perhaps instigated by flattery, a present, some drinks, sex to resolve an argument in a relationship, or an imagined equilibrium creating a fiction where it is possible to believe that both parties want sex 100 % evenly.

No matter how you twist and turn the situation, a purchase is involved – directly or indirectly – in an act that many believe is for free. You invest and expect a result. Money is always – directly or indirectly – the foundation of an investment of this nature. Buying a present, flowers, a bottle of wine, or a night at a hotel: the examples of investments made to get sex are countless. Buying a present or giving the corresponding amount in cash; there is no actual difference.

The same is true if you invest in cosmetic products or strive to look your best to reach the ultimate goal: having sex.

The only alternative to stealing then, is trading. “Getting” sex is just a conventionally accepted form of stealing or purchasing sex. Nobody "gives" sex; hence you cannot "get" it.

The Sex Ban Equation is hereby proven: to "get” = to steal or to purchase.

This means that any kind of sex is prohibited for every citizen of Norway.

A logic consequence is this: if a person does not have the heart to steal or trick someone into having sex, this person should rather buy it with cash, fair and square. If the law forbids the most untainted form of sexual activity, then it is a logical consequence that any form of sexual intercourse is now barred in the state of Norway.


If one does not dare to admit this, one should at least respect others who face the consequence of this conscientious choice; this philosophical and logical decision. But religious people, including socialists, have no real tradition of respecting other’s opinions. Do you have more right to sex in a relationship or by stealing it? Who has decided this? God?

People with high integrity are forced to laugh or cry.

Bear this in mind, SOLVITHENE, seeing as it is prohibited to have sex for all citizens of Norway, this nation will be extinct in about a hundred years’ time – if the people abide to the law. And what is the point of having a law that cannot be obeyed? Socialists, priggish feminists and Christians have initiated this country’s final destruction. 

There must be someone out there who can stop this madness and punish the guilty very severely before it is too late, and in order to prevent similar future violations, if possible.


SOLVITHENE (nods confirmingly and is becoming slightly agitated)

Perhaps the reason why so many, including socialist editors of newspapers and magazines, and socialist sympathizers within the police force, do not dare step outside the safe zone and admit to the Christian moralistic role play with its innate distorted initiatives they themselves have become a part of, is best described in The Wild Duck, by Norway´s own author Henrik Ibsen: 

«If you take the life lie from an average man, you take away his happiness as well.»

Nobody in the nation of Norway seems to dare speak out properly, and root out this evil, which may be possible only through philosophy. Yet. Perhaps this philosophical journey may contribute to enlightenment and peace.

Why is it not written every day in capital letters, on the front page of every newspaper and magazine, that sex is forbidden in Norway? Why does one still have sexual education for children and youth in schools, while sex is illegal? It is as if the law does not exist. But it does. «The Emperor’s New Clothes» is a very fitting fairytale in that matter as it demonstrates how easy it is to make people believe a lie, if you just tell it often enough.

I pity you, Norwegian; you have been fooled by the State Suppressor exploiting the democracy. The Sex Prohibition Law is in effect in Norway.

The infringement has thus doubled in power in affecting the wise and intelligent, who takes a substantial part of the pain onto themselves on behalf of those who cannot realize the consequences of such madness.


There are plenty of people who wish or choose to work with sex as a way of living, both men and women. They perceive this as a completely normal job within the sector of health and service. Most likely, they are anything but narrow-minded, and they wish to make money this way instead of working with something they do not like or like less. Perhaps someone perceives this occupation as a way to easy money, but this is the underlying motivation for many different occupations.  Money is a natural component and motivational factor for any type of job. Quite a few have experienced what severe economic trouble may lead to. Those who do not wish to go through with such actions should of course resolve to other types of income-producing activities. The point is: everyone is different and should find their individual place in society. Not everyone who works at a mall believes that this is the right occupation for them. But they have to make money. Such is life.

Money is a form of value and currency that cannot be defiled with sentiment before someone takes advantage of it. One does not need to trade eggs with milk. One can pay for the goods using money. This is the advantage and the untainted sanitation of capitalism. 

Everyone needs money to survive. 


It also gives people the possibility to prove what they are worth. Do you believe, SOLVITHENE, that everyone working as cashiers at a mall would have done so if they did not receive any payment, even though they perhaps would have liked to work with something else closer to their hearts and intellect?


SOLVITHENE (turns to AQUALIA and asks)

How can one, strictly logically, not view sex as you describe it, if those choosing or wanting to sell it view it the way you do? How is it possible to forbid consensual sex this way, when those who work with sex want to or choose to themselves? How can one brand one special occupation as special when it by philosophic and logic definition cannot be so without irrelevant, ulterior motives?



To understand how it is even possible to make such defiling laws as the Sex Prohibition Law in modern times, SOLVITHENE, you have to remember the following: You have to recognize the radical left socialists and religious responsible for these laws as egocentrics exploiting the system called democracy to gain power with their distorted views on molestation and abuse. Their view on women makes women seem pitiful and unable to make their own decisions – a clear example of sustaining the unwanted role of women as the weaker sex.

However, had this country been governed by highly functioning and logic intellectuals devoid of private moralizing agendas, one might have had insightful and fair laws that do not defile people’s privacy. You should say something about this to stir this nation, SOLVITHENE. Alas, moral is popular with egotistical people, and something a lot of the citizens use as tactics to indulge their own conscience. Therefore, I believe your battle will be an arduous one.



How can you be certain that the one you are going to have sex with for "free" is not, or have not been subjected to sexual assaults, harassment or humiliation earlier? How can you know that you will not inflict more harm or sustain this person’s suffering? 

It is therefore equiprobable meeting a person that has been taken advantage of or molested earlier, as meeting a sex worker that is being subjected to human trafficking.

You have to prove the opposite in every free-standing case to avoid violations and miscarriage of justice. This is the normal investigation: first a criminal act is committed; next comes the investigation based on suspicion or proof. Not the investigation of innocent people who haven’t done harm to others.
The more accepted a profession is, the greater the chance of voluntariness becomes, and thus it will be easier to control the legitimacy of the circumstances relating to the situation. This is logical and requires a mere restructuring of the system in order to work properly.

This is why you cannot observe Norway alone, but you have to observe the whole modern world through cosmopolitan glasses. Very often you will find people with high integrity or someone who knows that they look good, selling sex or other related services based on their own free will. If one has a sexual aesthetic talent, should you not be able to make a business out of it? If one has a talent for playing the guitar, should you not be able to develop this further? This is logic, but not many dare speak this out loud, as it is politically incorrect to do so. The world is still, even in these modern, enlightened times plagued with petty-mindedness and bitterness.

It is a much greater risk experiencing abuse when sex is "free"; rapes, incest, theft, one part may have a mind control over the other; like the abuse of young girls or boys yearning after positive feedback or agreeing in a sexual act to achieve acceptance. Consequently, this is how the assault becomes both physical and psychological. The only possible way to avoid this type of double assault is that sex becomes a transaction involving money, where the seller decides the terms.

Perhaps this might be an idea for couples, as well; that the one who is initiating sex have to pay for it. Then it becomes a clean transaction, and there are certain quality demands concerning seller and buyer. This might turn into a good habit.

Thus it is proven, if one dares to turn away from conventional thinking, that it is much safer to meet someone who offers this service for money, rather than getting it for "free" which by the way, may turn out to be at least as expensive. 

The fewer stigmas an occupation bears, the safer and more accepted it becomes. Then it is a natural and logical consequence that more people – even in a conventional world – dare to underline that this is something they want and wish to do themselves. 

This seems logical.


Bear in mind that philosophy might be seen as the antonym to conventions. The ones who have chosen to sell sex as part of a health and service segment will not stand the role of victims that some want to force upon them. The only type of victims they might be classified as are victims of harassment because the State Suppressor degrades them by portraying their occupation as inferior in the media and elsewhere. Is there any other explanation, SOLVITHENE?



This seems logical. Besides, people are quite naïve if they, against their own will, give away something they could have received payment for, especially when there is a chance they might experience emotional problems by letting this take place free of charge. 



What God has decided that sex should be free of charge? Other types of manual labour are often a service you have to pay for. 

Raise your hand, if you are God! If no one raises a hand, then no one should make laws that do not become the human mind.



How many sex clients lose their temper in a safe environment where the supplier decide the terms and conditions, seen in contrast to jealous partners with a shotgun hidden somewhere or other selfish molesters in a relationship, where sex is supposed to be monogamous and free of charge? 

All forms of sex are, in a way or another, a type of transaction, because one part initiates the act, and currency is involved somehow. This seems logical. 



This is why you cannot escape the fact that all sex has become prohibited in Norway.



If Norway will not announce this fact actively and deliberately, would that not be concealing important information from third parties? This is a reason why the leaders should resign in respect for better knowledge.

Pornography or other TV-shows where one is paid to copulate, pornographic magazines used for sexual stimuli, and so-called Asia-brides, may be defined as human trafficking paid for in wedding currency, is thereby also prohibited in Norway. Furthermore, human trafficking equals someone seeking matrimony through personal ads; this is exploited by those responding. In any case, this becomes a human transaction if the deal is closed by matrimony. This is because there is a high degree of excitement and sex in this transaction, camouflaged by marriage. 

Is it feasible that a husband ever had sex with his wife, suspecting her of having less libido than him, but she will go through with the act to for the sake of domestic peace? Maybe the couple has had a conversation concerning an unforeseen holiday he has arranged, or has maybe he has renovated the house, and sex is a reward for this? Then and there the husband has bought sex in his own home. A transaction has been made.

Had healthy items like apples been forbidden to purchase, such a law would have been called The Apple Purchase Law. In Norway both purchasing and stealing sex is prohibited; hence it is not possible to have legal sex for any of this country´s citizens. This sex ban applies worldwide. Therefore, this neo-moralistic law needs to be retitled, and given the far more appropriate term The Sex Prohibition Law and not the fallacious title The Sex Purchase Law. The fitting and logical title The Sex Prohibition Law is now the term used in this philosophy. This is absolutely necessary, if not; it would be misleading and illogical.

The word currency originally comes from the Latin word Valeo meaning «concerning» or «is worth». Currency comes in different shapes:

Here are three different scenarios:

a) A guy goes out a Friday night with one objective; casual sex with a stranger. He knows he is charming, and meets a woman in a bar. He buys her expensive drinks, gives her compliments and becomes more and more insistent when it comes to sex. Perhaps he is a radical left wing with a characteristic double life; fooling some people into finding him sympathetic in a sober or half sober condition. As he gets drunk, the self-proclaimed sense of justice is thrown away because he believes that society owes it to him; a society he thinks he has contributed to.



Good point. This is where human beings with a high integrity are forced to laugh or cry.

SOLVITHENE (continues her train of thoughts)

Finally, in a state of intoxication, the woman gives in. She may find the situation somewhat intriguing, and follows the man to his hotel room where the sexual act takes place; an act that perhaps only the man really wants and may fully enjoy. The man did not use any kind of contraception, and the woman became pregnant. What is more, this incident also disturbs the woman’s feelings. The result in this instance: a satisfied man and a possibly regretting woman. The goal was achieved. For the man in this specific case. 

One night stands are hereby proven to involve prostitution. 

The payment was $ 150 in alcohol fees, together with compliments and charming persuasion. 

b) A popular artist has just finished his gig, and outside the stage area, you will find what is popularly known as backstage. Some women have gathered there because they find it exciting to meet celebrities. In light of being a celebrity, the artist gets what he wants and he brings one or several women back to his hotel room, provides them with alcohol, and they have sex.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

This is often a case of ingratiating oneself with an immature audience. 

Human beings with a high degree of integrity are forced to laugh or cry.

A true rock star makes important and honest art. End of discussion. No need for backstage.

If personal freedom is a premise for real art, a real artist can never be a socialist because they – owing to their inherent nature – violate the individual’s freedom.


SOLVITHENE (continues her train of thoughts)

The plan was followed. The goal was achieved. For the man in this case.

Backstage sex is hereby proven to concern prostitution. 

The payment was $ 150 in alcohol fees, conveniently helped by his fame.

c) A professional sex worker has her own apartment and chooses her clients, or takes requests from a person who would like to pay for sex with money, not alcohol nor other gifts, not by psychological dominance, exploitation or intoxicants. The act takes place in a sober and respectful setting, in a clean room with clean linen. The supplier is in charge of the conditions, as this is a normal, tax-assessed occupation without stigma. The use of contraceptives is compulsory. The act is over within 25 minutes, neither of the parts is intoxicated, both parties are content, as everything is based on free will, parallel to other health-related occupations.

Brothel sex is hereby proven to involve prostitution.

The payment was $ 150 in cash.

A rhetorical question: you might guess from the three mentioned examples, which ones are really damaging, seen in relation to what is prohibited in Norway? In every mentioned example, sex takes place voluntarily, using some form of payment, but the real and realistic voluntariness is strongest in example c), which is the least harmful, but is forbidden in Norway. 

Is this really possible? Yes, in Norway it certainly is.



Good investigation, SOLVITHENE. As an outcome, one may prove that having sex in Norway has become a felony in itself. Because the most straightforward and least harmful way of performing the act has been prohibited. If there is a law against stealing and buying sex, then no one can have it. 

This is logical.

Now another example: if two people living as a couple do not have the same amount of sexual drive, as one perhaps was led to believe in the initial phase of the partnership, it would not be unfair that the one with the greater drive must seek to equalize this imbalance elsewhere. This would only be fair. In the opposite case, the one with more libido might have been fooled from the beginning of the relationship. It is crucial that there is a healthy way of keeping the balance, in order to save the partnership – either in an open or hidden manner.

It is a curious thing that people choose to split up because one of them has had sex with another person. In the purest sense, this is only a form of workout, mentally and physically. The same reason applies for someone who is handicapped, someone who or cannot, or does not want to live in a relationship, or for that manner exploit a situation at a party. It may also be easier to find attractive and sexually skilled people, who are extremely aesthetical, in the sex business than anywhere else. These must not be hidden, or it would be a mockery of their beauty. 

Should one hide Henrik Ibsen or Michelangelo just to let less talented people in the present take over?

Listen SOLVITHENE, let me expand a little: Logically, there is no such thing as a dirty old swine. Naturally, there have to be young dirty swines as well – hence every man is a swine. What is the point? Young versus old – or swine versus swine? People using the term dirty old swine have a distorted view of human life. An animal or a human that is true to himself will most likely be drawn to aesthetical perfection and fresher goods no matter age; something else would be unnatural, this is logical.


Should one suddenly start disliking fresh meals just because one turns old? Where is the credibility in that? Can one not listen to and recognize the same music at the age of 47 as one did at the age of 17?

§5 Sexual arousal

If one cannot admit that an erection and the following ejaculation is almost solely based on sexual arousal and not always the person or sex partner as such, then one should, in all one’s naivety, find other ways of becoming parents rather than using the man’s sperm. The man, who is also the father of the woman’s child, via the vagina or a sperm bank, is with his sperm the reason why any human, woman or man, can read this and has been conceived and born, at all. To impregnate someone one has to have an erection or medically extract the sperm.

And it is not necessarily a personality who is the reason behind the ejaculation. I believe that this will be hard to refute. 

If your mother was not very sexually attractive, it is quite likely that your father was thinking about an optimal female figure, without the aesthetical decay, in his mind prior to and in order to ejaculate. You should be happy about this if you are happy about being born. 

To many men the accumulation of sperm might be a gigantic mental and physical strain. It may be at least as physiologically intense as a woman’s menstruation, and what is more, some men have to deal with this several times a day if his libido is high.

A logical consequence has to become the following:

§6 The innocence of gender

A man cannot help being born a male, just as a woman cannot help having been born a female.


§7 Personal choice

Selling or buying a voluntary service, sexual or not, without direct consequences for other than the two parts involved, is a personal choice.

In a free society, an obvious and optimal kind of respect would be that the professed Working Environment Act protects all occupations involving sexual services, just the way other occupations are protected in countries like of Norway. What if workers within an established field of occupations, like shop assistants, teachers or secretaries were sat on a chair on a street corner in the middle of the winter to fulfil their jobs?

An anti-elitist approach coming from a stronghold of ignorance and immaturity is the peculiar and impertinent rhetorical question some people ask about the field of sex work. Yes, these truly believe they have a sensational point, as they walk around believing their own life style is so much more worthy than the others having opinions which extend further than their own bellybutton

Here it comes: would you like that your mother, sister or daughter was a sex worker or stripper? The answer to such a question is clearly logical: Of course; why on earth not, if this is what the mother, sister or daughter prefers to do. The same choice of work should have of course apply to your father, brother or son. To think differently would be to insult them and their decision deeply. 

The act of stigmatizing is a result of mass suggestion and a proof that those involved in stigmatizing also have low integrity. Moralizing is obviously still popular, as evilness still resides in those preaching moral and creates a terrible smugness.

The ones developing or passing on questions of the mentioned may be diagnosed in the following manner: they may have been raised in a family or setting where everyone condones stigmatizing and where taboos and low self-esteem are kept alive. This is low integrity; logically there is no denying this. These people like to associate sex services with shame and something that will affect your reputation, as it is 


Would you like that your mother, sister or daughter working as shop assistants would have to do so outdoors, because State Suppressor would not accept this occupation, and thereby denying it the rights that any other occupation has? Would you like that your mother, sister or daughter working as teachers were harassed, bullied and had to go underground with their occupation because it was deemed unworthy? Would you like that you mother’s clients became nervous as a result of a construed world making every job-related act a crime of abuse? 

Any occupation, any nationality and any predisposition may be stigmatized and end up as being labelled unclean. This seems logical. The mental condition of the stigmatizers, in this case, is equal to a flock of sheep and is a good example of how one can agitate a people. 

The biggest problem is if the health-related occupation of a sex worker is not protected by The Working Environment Act, and in Norway this job is stigmatized because of Christian pietistic traditions as well as prejudice, presuppositions, the intransigent feminist groups, harassment of all kinds by people with personal inhibitions, often put into effect by left-wing radicals and somewhat bitter and inhibited women who believe that they are true feminists. This only reveals that they let their low self-esteem and bitterness out on the ones they define as weak when they themselves, in fact, are the weaker part.

It is at this point things turn horrid and disgraceful, and these radical women and men become truly nasty from the inside and out.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

This is where the human beings with high integrity are forced to laugh or cry.



Very often these spiteful people are a combination of left-wing radicals, parochial feminists and socialists. Some of them might even be so indoctrinated that they cannot see their own spitefulness, especially if they are a large group of like-minded individuals. Nasty people are often seen together.

A lot of women are their own worst enemy. Mother, sister or daughter.

The best way to achieve acceptance and respect in a narrow-minded society is to establish dignified work arenas and meet any type of occupation with openness. This is to prevent instances of slavery and human trafficking. Is there such a thing a happy sex worker? Of course. This is a job that involves health and wellbeing, and it might be as rewarding as being a nurse. Sex workers should be given equal working conditions as such; one has a lot to learn from other countries, which are known for their long tradition of respect and freedom for the individual.

A sex worker might be a lot happier than an unhappy teacher who is taunted by pupils every day. Surely this is logical. Is there such a thing as a happy factory worker? Of course. But can one claim that 100 % of all teachers and factory employees are happy? What is happiness and what is misery? Who can decide? Problems with this condition of happiness arise, no matter occupation, when one has to work and at the same time endure miserable and demeaning conditions.

§8 Health services

The ones selling sex are providing a service for sale, not their own body or their personalities as such. Physical contact with a client is essential for physiotherapists, doctors and hairdressers. Are they selling their body or their personalities? What about psychologists or spiritual advisers? Are they selling their souls? Why do people make an exception when they talk about someone getting naked and sex is involved? How is it possible to claim that a sex service is anything else than just that: a service? This is not logical and therefore not possible to argue against if your intentions are untainted.

It is not decided that sex is viewed as unique and should be reserved for a special someone or your partner. That many, perhaps suffering from low self-esteem, reserve their intercourses to one person just to make an impression of this selected person’s uniqueness reveals how low integrity and traditions within conventional relationships have managed to acquire a strong position. For many sophisticated and modern people though, the word unfaithfulness does not exist. The concept is a part of the conventional world and it only worsens matters.

One can get used to all kinds of situations; s
uch is life; one has to acknowledge it. Or else, no one could have survived wars or other types of degradation over time. One has to call for a reality check in order to find the answers: what constitutes oneself is always related to integrity, and varies from person to person. Unless 100 % of all people experience exactly the same thing in every situation in their private lives, they have to appreciate the individual’s own independent opinions. This is a protection of the self-esteem, but it also demands mutual respect. Ultimately, we are all going to die, right?

Most people allegedly need food and sex. Both are healthy and good for you. Imagine if you had to steal your food? Would this create chaos? The only reasonable solution is that sex can be bought and sold – depending upon what is desirable and sensible. Anything else is a violation by the Nanny State.



Nothing in this world becomes weird or unusual before someone says it is. Someone, and that is you, SOLVITHENE, will have to inform the audience like in the fairytale: «The Emperor is naked!»

The advantage of philosophy is that it is raised above conventions and it will emanate questions for your thoughts. 



If one is to take all prohibitions seriously – then all aspects must be treated equally: driving, traffic, alcohol, unhealthy food. If every socialist does not take all these aspects into consideration all the time, then he is not reliable and needs to be punished for violations against innocent people. A tyrant can show to results when he prohibits certain things. This is exactly what socialists do – boasting about how they have managed to reduce the number of sex workers after prohibiting sex purchases. AQUALIA, how can one punish such violating public guardians who steal honest work from people?

Selling and buying drugs is prohibited by law. Prohibiting just one of the acts is so incredibly senseless and violating that is difficult to describe.



Imagine the following scenario: a patient is consulting his psychiatrist. The latter knows deep inside that the patient needs sex in order to alleviate anxiety and stress – and cleanse his brain, as to speak. Pure sex for the sake of sex, equal to getting a massage for the sake of a massage, or a diet for the sake of a diet. Instead of providing the patient with an optimal treatment he is fed with all kinds of medicine and is drugged to alleviate the anxiety.

The public health service could have cured a substantial percentage of patients by issuing prescriptions on sexual services, combined with other types of health-inducing training. There are many people who would like to work in such a field of occupation, but in Norway, this type of health resource is banned. Imagine such insanity and violation from the State Suppressor.


§9 Business discrimination

To ruin the foundation of one of the world’s most obvious business concepts, based on what one likes, or do not like, is nothing short of scandalous.

If one does so, one immediately commits a violating and lethal act striking the seller and buyer – but also striking a substantial quality of life. Many students take a break in their education to save up some money, and many of them do not wish for a relationship. Is there anything wrong in doing so? One can earn quite a lot in an occupation that permits so. Good for those who really want this and can manage to avoid the unwanted stereotypical life; sometimes exemplified by the assembly line leading directly to social insurance benefits provided for by the central government.



We should be grateful that some wish to work in a social field that ultimately alleviates stress and creates relaxation, whether it be entertainment, concerts, sexually, mentally or muscular. 

In addition, this creates an intriguing society.

SOLVITHENE (turns towards the mountain and speaks to herself)

How is it possible to exclude one single occupational group in an unbiased manner without simultaneously discriminating against it?

This is logically impossible.

One has to wonder whether there are some international conventions that impede countries from general discrimination on the grounds of presuppositions and clear statistical flaws. Let us look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Democracy seems to be extremely fragile in this matter, as a minor group of people or laymen’s decisions intervene in the majority’s life and personal freedom. Is it not so that the respect for each individual’s uniqueness is one of the essential values of the democratic principles?

One should look to the Act on Prohibition of Discrimination section 4. 

Section 4. Prohibition against discrimination.

«[…]Indirect discrimination» shall mean any apparently neutral provision, condition, practice, act or omission that would put persons at a particular disadvantage compared with other persons on such grounds as are mentioned in the first paragraph. «Indirect discrimination in working life» shall mean any apparently neutral provision, condition, practice, act or omission that in fact has the effect of putting a job applicant or employee in a less favourable position than other job applicants or employees on such grounds as are mentioned in the first paragraph.[…]»



Countries should not let a narrow-minded group of people, totally ignoring international perspectives; decide on behalf of their more colourful citizens. The ones who would like to work within the sexual health service field are discriminated against, as this type of occupation is being defined as inferior by the State, which denies them the possibility of good working conditions.  




(Lights fade out on stage for 20 seconds. FALL OF THE CURTAIN.)



Act 2


It is evening, but the air is still warm. SOLVITHENE is sitting on the rock, thinking, but AQUALIA is looking towards the mountains.

A boy comes running from the city carrying two large stone tablets. He delivers these to SOLVITHENE and returns to where he came from.


I see that the Sex Prohibition Law with all its direct and indirect consequences for buyers and providers of a healthy product shows the State Suppressor’s clear violation of the International Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 19, 25, 27 and 29. Quite a few believe that the Declaration is important. Is Norway obligated to abide to this Declaration? 


§10 The International Declaration of Human Rights 



Article 1.

«All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.»



If it is a human right to engage in consensual sex, then this is prohibited in Norway. This is a clear violation of Article 1, which deals with dignity and conscience.


Article 2.
«Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.»


If two grown-ups wish to engage in consensual sex, this will not be legally possible in Norway. In most other countries this is possible. The Sex Prohibition Law discriminates against individuals that believe consensual sex should be legal. Hence this is a violation of Article 2, which deals with opinions and the respect of distinctions, provided it does not hurt individuals or a specific group.




Article 3.

«Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.»


In Norway, the police and the press might barge through your door while you have consensual sex. Is this liberty and personal security of person? What quality of life will this lead to? This is indeed a clear violation of Article 3, which deals with each individual’s different rights.




Article 5.

«No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.»



If you are arrested or incarcerated because of having consensual sex with another grown-up, this is an action of degrading treatment or punishment. This is clearly a violation of Article 5, which deals with public, unreasonable means of pressure. 




Article 7.

«All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.» 



Having consensual sex in Norway is not protected by the law.

On the contrary, you run a risk of your privacy being violated just because some politicians have passed a controversial act that is discriminatory. Thus this is a clear violation of Article 7, which deals with equal protection against discrimination.



Article 9.

«No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.»



Arresting someone for having consensual sex indeed concerns arbitrary arrest or detention. This is a clear violation of Article 9, which deals with arbitrary arrest and detention – solely based on a personal disapproval «because we do not like what you do!» 


Article 12.

«No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.»



This Article is exceptionally striking and appropriate. I am relieved that the boy with the stone tablets handed over this information. This Article does not need further comments other than the necessity of repeating the fact that you cannot live in freedom and peace and at the same time go through with consensual sex. This is a clear violation of Article 12, which deals with arbitrary interference with personal life, family and home.  



Article 13.

«(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.

(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.»


In Norway, one cannot move freely and go to venues where consensual sex is sold. Thus, one cannot move freely to make use of an apparent health service. Therefore this is a clear violation of Article 13, which deals with freedom of movement without the fear of arbitrary arrest. This is also the case abroad, as the Sex Prohibition Act is applicable to Norwegian citizens internationally, and within the family, for example in a relationship. The conclusion hence becomes, that the only place a Norwegian citizen has the right to freedom of movement is above the Earth’s surface. 



Article 19.

«Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.» 



The Police may investigate or monitor people with the objective of arresting people for having consensual sex in Norway, but also Norwegian citizens having honest sex abroad are in danger. This may create lethal paranoia for innocent people. This is a clear violation of Article 19, which deals with the right to hold and express opinions without interference. If you wish to have sex in an honest and consensual way, it is difficult to express this publically without attracting suspicion or being pursued for possibly breaking the Sex Prohibition Law. This is a clear violation of Article 19, which deals with the freedom to hold opinions and expression.




Article 25.

«(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

(2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.»



The Sex Prohibition Law demolishes the working conditions for those who wish to work professionally with sex services. This is extremely dangerous and infringing, and indeed an obvious violation of Article 25. You may legally sell sex in Norway, but you cannot buy it. Laugh out loud, if you can. Believe it, if you can.



Article 27.

«(1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

(2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.»




Through time, a whole range of artists have directly and indirectly spoken about the individual’s freedom. The fact that Norway passes such an insane act, undermining freedom and what is more, violates and castrates a whole nation, is a clear violation of Article 27, which deals with our right to participate in cultural life and art. Not being able to partake in consensual sex hinders the human being from having the possibility of a rich life, consequently, illnesses must occur. When you are hindered from having sex, you are hindered from participating in society’s cultural life, both directly and indirectly, as you will become ill and unable to do so.




Article 29.

«(1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.

(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.»



If a human being due to his or her consciousness does not wish to steal sex, this person will not go far in Norway without being charged with breaking the Sex Prohibition Law. What is more, such a moralizing law will influence people negatively; especially the younger generation, who now is told that sex is prohibited and filthy in the nation of Norway. This is a clear violation of Article 29. 



Will the people of Norway watch passively as the Law of Discrimination and 12 of the Human Rights are being infringed in their own country?


Perhaps these rights were founded as to prevent religious or neo-moralists from intervening in people’s private lives, as degradation and religion may lead to wars in the long run?
These forms of medieval violation against the individual, like the Sex Prohibition Law, can only be functional in a socialist-religious-moralist government as the one currently running Norway.


§11 The fabrication of criminals.

One of the pillars of Democracy, or so it seems, is to respect different opinions even if this opinion is deviating from what one believes is right, or the other opinion speaks of actions one would not go through with oneself.

Here, democracy errs fatally.

Not liking something is always the same as assuming something and cannot be taken into account at all, as assumptions lead to the harming of others.

A law must never fabricate criminals. The act of assuming in such instances is an unfair distribution of power and will hurt the one who is more modest. When something is stigmatized or labelled taboo, not many in this group would want to raise their voice or confront this. Thus, neo-moralists attain undeserved help from conventions and alleged scientific reports, typically based on the opinions of individuals that have been defiled and, last but not least, they get undeserved help from the tacky media circus of Norway.

These facts are never uttered by the neo-moralists.

§12 Legislation

To fulfil the true nature of a democracy, and to avoid violations, the order of whose voices shall carry more weight in a legislative process must be as follows:

1. The employee or innovator in question.
2. Technical and unbiased authorities
3. Laypersons, for example, the elected members of a Parliament or Congress, who are very often without necessary expertise.

If this type of hierarchy is not followed or does not work, one runs a great risk of passing laws that are based on the incompetence of laypersons. In turn, this will lead to distress and severe violations, as we see today with the existence of the Sex Prohibition Law.

Letting laypersons, many of whom have been raised in narrow-minded environments where moralizing is crucial, decide in matters of legislation is extremely dangerous.

Basically, laypeople should be removed from the list. Ordinary people without expertise, tolerance and specific experience in every required aspect should not have the right to decide over anybody but themselves.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

Only in a local community where both alternatives of a case are harmless in regard to the self-esteem, for example deciding whether or not one should allow bingo in the local cafeteria, laypeople should be able to vote and decide with marginal majority without the impending danger of creating misery and unhappiness due to their incompetence and myopia.

Beyond these matters, one should have a minimum of laws interfering in the private sphere of a whole nation. If such laws were to be passed, only the wisest of people, undefiled by moralism and religion, should be able to do so.


Exactly! If one rightly accepts the occupation of a sex worker as it is accepted in so many other countries - by including it as a part of the health service; letting them use regular working rooms, letting them write income statements and pay taxes, including them in the Working Environment Act - then the seller is much more free to choose the customer they would like to serve and thereby control their own work situation and safety, like other service occupations. With the introduction of more tolerance and openness, more customers dare buy services because shame is forced to retreat. This is the situation in countries where sex is a healthy physical activity and a respected part of the service sector.

This will take time, perhaps many years, for such a small, tainted and tacky country like Norway to achieve this level of acceptance. In a country where one embraces a degree of high personal freedom, there is less aggressive crime than in countries where the State Suppressor keeps its clammy prohibition lid over its people. 


AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

This is where people with high integrity are forced to laugh or cry.



It is in unsophisticated, nouveau rich, small and semi-Christian countries drenched in bad conscience and aggression among the people because of socialism’s clammy stronghold and no wide acceptance and self-esteem, that it becomes possible to make discriminating laws that are based on presumptions and religion indirectly. One just has to wait, there is no need to foretell; when wisdom spreads the fall of neo-moralism will commence.


§13 Those who think they are God

If one of the defining arguments of prohibiting the buying of sexual services is that trading in itself it is damaging a group, this is a statement made by know-it-alls believing they are God.

How can one allow memorial services in connection with wars and catastrophes seeing that the almighty God is behind all suffering in the first place? Is this not a case of sleeping with the enemy?

§14 Lethal changes of attitude

This is a lethal contribution to the so-called change of attitudes if it becomes acceptable to discriminate against and trouble certain service occupations.

Children and young people are especially vulnerable. Do we really want a society that accepts taunting?

Luckily, some people are able to think for themselves, but a lot of socialists and immature individuals with low integrity remain unchangeable preys; they are fanatical and easily impressionable because it would tarnish their self-esteem and sense of belonging to change course in a stigmatized society, and break free from family socialist traditions and the generic flock of sheep.

Change of attitude – from what kind of attitude to what kind of attitude?

Moreover, stealing is defined as something criminal by the book of law. That being the stealing of other’s property or the stealing of a person’s life. In Norway, it has now become unlawful to pay for a voluntary service that is not unhealthy. Are people to change the attitude to preferring stealing in favour of buying? In Norway, one cries Sex scandal! if someone has had consensual, healthy sex without harming anyone. Logically, third parties should never interfere in this act. Naturally, it follows that it becomes an exercise scandal if someone is caught in a gym with a personal trainer because evidently sex and other physical exercise is healthy and does not pollute. 

AQUALIA, do you feel the urge to laugh or cry as much as I do? I am beginning to feel sick of having to stay in this country to investigate something so blatantly violating as this.



You have to endure this for a while. If desirable, a person that wishes to become a sex worker should be able to access information about how to do this properly through the educational system or schools, on the same basis as any other type of occupation. One must always prioritize human worth and self-esteem, no matter what one likes or does not like personally.



And SOLVITHENE decided how the rest of the Law of Dignity had to be written:



§15 Defamation

In order to claim something on behalf of another human being without speaking to each individual it concerns in private, documenting by recording this person’s opinion should it coincide with your own and without the obvious influence of conventions, religion or morality, one has to be a deity. 


Raise your hand, if you are God! Conversely, it becomes defamatory to claim something on behalf on an unknown human being.


§16 Choice of occupation

The fact that someone can handle or would prefer to work in a line of occupation you would not prefer, has to be acknowledged and respected. If not, it is automatically fanatical and might lead to severe consequences for a good deal of innocent people. This is what one gets in a fanatical society.

Stripping or exotic dancing is a good example of an aesthetical form of occupation; some might like to call it an art form. Quite a few are well aware that they look good and have a great physical appearance, and they want to make a living out of it. Quite a few are well aware that they are skilled singers and want to do this for a living. This is wonderful because it offers visual and auditive pleasure in a world that is often too horrible for words.

Some have an intrinsic need to show their striking body to an audience, and exotic dancing is an elegant way of doing this, as the performer and the audience may attain a satisfying and entertaining experience. One should therefore accept that some have a need to show off their bodily aesthetics or sexuality. This seems logical. And the logic is always less harmful in the long run compared to the ever-infected sentiment.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

Seeing as the left wing radicals and other religious have fabricated the Sex Prohibition Law, they might be capable of to prohibit stripping, ballet and naturism for that matter, just because they do not like it, using the same ulterior motives as they use when speaking of human trafficking in this connection. This means that undressing or stripping in front of your partner or dancing seductively at home would be prohibited.


SOLVITHENE (in a perplexed manner)

This cannot be so?


When there is a law against sex; there might be laws that interfere in any part of the private sphere. Unfortunately, there are some very vicious people out there.



A person working in a meat factory poisons the meat production. He is the only real criminal. Should the ones buying this product in stores receive a fine of NOK 25.000 for buying a poisoned product they have no involvement whatsoever in poisoning? 

If someone is subject to human trafficking, there is only one criminal: the one conducting the kidnapping. What has this got to do with the one buying sex? Nothing at all. A person who sells consensual sex and the one buying it have as little to do with human trafficking as a mailman has unless the mailman does something else than delivering the mail, and other than that performs his tasks according to the given instructions. 

Customers have no involvement in the kidnapping. 

Everyone who wants to survive is forced to work. That someone chooses an occupation that is profitable is an honest decision.

Maybe it is no wonder that some people prefer to steal sex when you avoid having to pay a NOK 25.000 fine for buying it openly from someone who wants to sell it. 

To criminalize innocent buyers means to cover up bad investigation by the police or a lack of resources in the police force.

Seeing as it is prohibited to steal sex, in addition to purchasing it, the only real logical conclusion must be that all forms of sex are prohibited. 

It is no wonder that miscarriages of justice are committed when socialists and other religious people make up the juries. There is a high risk that warped sentiment and presuppositions will overrule logic.

Norway is not a free country. Norway is occupied by the State Suppressor.


§17 The grip of moralism

Low integrity is often the underlying origin of laws that can be traced back to assumptions, religious viewpoints, parochial feminist regulations and double standards of morality.

Over time this will, almost without exception, result in decisions and attitudes that are harmful to people’s quality of life and prove pointless for the majority. People fabricating discriminating laws that are certain to violate the private domain, most often belong to either or all of the following categories: Christian-fundamental-moralists, Feminist-neo-moralists and Socialist-neo-moralists: CFS.

One may find the following common denominators within these groups: Christian-fundamental-moralists, Feminist-neo-moralists and Socialist-neo-moralists:

a) CFS mess with people’s conscience by moralizing, presupposing, victimizing groups and playing heavily on calculating ideas. They use these means as a weapon to strike insecure souls and people who are not strong enough to think for themselves. More often than not, they view others with a haughty mine and they consciously choose to deduct logical facts and philosophy, even though the people involved in the much-debated cases will give evidence of another reality than the one CFS maintain. They are very loud and visible when there is a fund-raising-campaign on television, whereas later the same day the socialists might get drunk while boasting about their new kitchen furnishing, and there is an unspoken understanding that this kitchen is something they deserve in life or something society owes them because of their contributions to the public – or because they pay taxes.

As mentioned before, war or violence is often the only action they will yield to. Proof is in the innumerable wars and conflicts where CFS play a part.

b) CFS will try to intimidate you and bring you down by telling you what a bad person you are if you do not behave in a special manner towards the weaker individuals in society – in reality, these weaker individuals are people who have chosen another type of life than the one the welfare State Suppressor constitutes. Of course, CFS offers these people pre-approved, clean activities or redemption through education, but not everyone would like this or fits into the academic and straight world or in the system of social security.

Some people are actually more comfortable and true to themselves when working with art, music, sex - or farming.

c) CFS feel they deserve the spare time with this unstated double life. An example would be when some get intoxicated and easily skip the moralistic viewpoint they preach when they are sober, and they allow themselves to do take some drunken liberties.  Still, some socialists are more than willing to get drunk and at the same time force their warped opinions down people’s throats; they might even get violent if they find it necessary. This is because «everyone else is wrong, and only I; the proud socialist democrat is right». The following day they sleep it off in a newly renovated house, before going for a drive in a car which has an estimated value that would fill hundreds of hungry stomachs for a year.

A true religious or socialist cannot touch alcohol or other intoxicants, as they need to be ready to assert their convictions in a credible manner. 

d) CFS believe - yes indeed, they do - that they have made a historically important, positive difference in the development of society, while they in reality have created arrogance, wars, killings and revolutions for centuries, intricate complexes, the bereavement of liberties, communism, psychiatric patients and last but not least the suicides committed by people who are slightly smarter than the flock of sheep following the mainstream.

e) CFS undeservedly, and under false presentences, take credit for typical humanitarian instincts or traditions that have all existed long before the invention of Christianity or socialism; the sense of justice, the celebration of Christmas which originally was a celebration of winter solstice, benevolence, caring and empathy. They believe they have found the right path for every human being.

f) In the name of self-righteousness, CFS is more than willing to overlook and erase some crucial elements like knowledge, philosophy, science, logic when justifying the prohibition of sex transactions, which ironically will continue to exist no matter what because of its inherent health benefits and ever increasing demand. The same is true when CFS tried to pass a law that was to forbid the right to criticize religion. What is achieved by forcing people to live by laws that are so degrading and forcing more public guardianship into play, is that aggression will manifest itself in the citizens and increase as time goes by. Has everyone forgotten what the people of the Soviet Union and China have endured?

g) CFS is a part of the Socialist Code as they maximize the negative side of a case that has several alternative sides. They force through resolutions and pass laws in this manner, e.g. the so-called Sex Purchase Law, and the biased focus is a result of their moralistic assumptions. They draw heavily on their facts and alibies found in an ever leftist, tabloid media world, which of course is inclined to show a one-dimensional version of the statistics and research dealing with a topic. CFS portray the ignorant, but ruling laypeople present in the Parliament as selfish bastards if they do not agree with socialism’s truths. This form of blackmailing happens openly in the Parliament without any judicial consequence for the vicious people representing CFS.

Listen, AQUALIA: While travelling in Norway, I have noticed that socialists – more than others - call national profiles or celebrities by their first name, for example, the Prime Minister has become Jens omitting the last name Stoltenberg, while other, less known people are called by their full name.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

Again, this is basic psychology. Socialists always want to give themselves equal status to authorities; especially to underline that this person is one of their own. They insist on calling them by their first name, because «Jens is but one of us». 

People with high integrity are forced to laugh or cry. 

Lesser-known celebrities, they keep calling by their full name: How nice that John Doe is doing so well. Socialists refuse to see the paradox in this, SOLVITHENE. You may laugh - or cry, because the monumental difference is that Jens Stoltenberg and his Government have the authority and the power to rule over every citizen, while laypeople have power limited to themselves and the individuals they socialize with, and manage to control. By fooling themselves into believing that they are equal to the Prime Minister, these socialists inadvertently make a blunder and look like fools. This is a non-constructive consolation, still, there is hope.



I would happily have tried out being a sex worker if the conditions in this country were right. I do not have the strength – or the interest – of fighting against the totally ignorant or the intruding idiots who prejudge others by flaunting biased assumptions and insensitivity. It must be far better to have this occupation in a free country. In some countries, adultery is forbidden. In Norway, sex is forbidden. One is wise to avoid such moralizing countries for now.

h) CFS is, together with poverty, most likely the biggest threat against peace and freedom society has ever encountered as the mechanism of CFS is as slimy as an eel and few people dare to fight it. Moreover, there might be countless of individuals walking around in a self-complacent haze where it is impossible to discover reality before it is too late. There are, as mentioned before, countless examples of wars and conflicts – revolutions and harassment.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

Remember that all interpretation is potentially dangerous. The only person entitled to an interpretation is the author of the work. Others need to experience, only. Or else, the audience might as well write what they want to read because an interpretation in most cases would turn out to be an exploitation of the work, and the interpretation would most likely support one’s own general opinions; one’s own life and accidental circumstances. A Christian that has a homosexual friend can never interpret anything in the Bible that would justify any form of agreement with his friend’s inclinations or actions.

A lot of people will never realize that they are captured. The incapacity of self-scrutiny is a symptom of the intoxicated condition, or the apathetic state in which people choose to dwell.


i) CFS often resemble each other in manners and facial expressions; a facade where complacency is mixed with bitterness aimed at capitalism, wealth and material goods. 


AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

People with high integrity are forced to laugh – or cry.



j) CFS has a long time ago become brainwashed within religion or left-wing politics, learning that individuals must yield to the masses. They think highly of themselves and their ingratiating, alleged fairness-seeking approach to life. Almost every aspect become myopic and populist: «Poor Palestinians!»  Perhaps socialists struggle with massive personal issues or bad conscience related to other matters in life other than the one they are demonstrating against. 

How about: «Poor Prisoners of Freedom in this country!»?

One should consider dividing the age of consent into two categories: one for the non-CFS and one for CFS. For example, lower than today’s age limit for those who are mature in terms of not being CFS, or inclined to become a CFS, and much higher for the CFS to avoid abuse because of immaturity. If CFS is not mature enough by the age of 30, then it is likely that they are not interested in sex anyway. Nevertheless, since sex is a trade, sex this is against their principles by any standard. Referring to the Bible, true Christians cannot engage in sex before they are married, even if sex would become legal in Norway again. This matter is described in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 & 1 Corinthians 7:1-2

The socialism currently in charge, with its leaders of the sheep flock in Norway, makes SOLVITHENE very embarrassed, and she is almost looking forward to death. Luckily, the world is larger than Norway. Never let CFS pollute everyone’s lives.

Socialists take credit for the rebuilding of Norway in the years after World War II, and they have a habit of discrediting everyone who does not vote for the Labor party just because they live in the misconception of being the post-war heroes.

Any serious political party would face such a challenge in a time of crisis. Besides, it is easier to gain immediate and obvious results when the situation is at its lowest point and needs to be turned into something less catastrophic, compared to the further developing of an already established welfare society as the situation is today.

The only real reason Norway is wealthy today and holds an international position in some areas is that the nation found oil in the beginning of the 1970s. Norway has bought its way into relative success and wealth. How can this be accepted? One might like to question whether Norway should keep the profit gained from this natural resource since the country has absolutely nothing to do with the actual making of the oil. Well, the oil took all of the nation’s humbleness in return.

Many people that vote socialist today do so because of nostalgia. Perhaps their dad or granddad worked for the State Suppressor and voted for the Labor Party, or maybe he was a communist. «He would have liked it if I voted for the same party as he did. Oh, glory!» This is lethal nostalgia. Many, including religious and socialists, adopt their parents’ opinion or even hate against what they call capitalism and authorities. 

They deliberately leave out the fact that someone in this world needs to be better than others in order for the world to advance. To establish quality one needs someone that is more brilliant in the fields of business, arts, sports and so on. In turn, one will benefit from this progress because in time it will provide a wide range of new possibilities and hence a more content society, new workplaces, real freedom and peace. 

Socialism’s innate characteristics cannot accept the support of real brilliance, as it does not draw a clear, unbiased line between true quality and the average. Quality withers with socialism and the people in this hierarchy slowly suffocate. 

It is unjustified and unfair that every single individual should have equal economy – or the possibility to earn as much as others, more qualified individuals. The one who works most efficiently and wholeheartedly deserves the higher reward: this is true justice. Perhaps it is unfair that a less talented person, by making trashy products, earns equal amounts of money as a person who creates true and solid values.

No wonder the world gradually becomes an unsafe place when one lets socialist, myopic and selfish mentality rule. What the world needs is wisdom and guiding stars. The cleverest generate working places. The less clever should not bereave the cleverer his or her rightful position; the world will fall apart for everyone. Socialists are thus harmful not only for those who become victims but they pose a threat to themselves, as well.

Politics and society are constantly developing. One must always consider the matters that constitute a party’s program and never be caught in the trap of voting for a party because one has nostalgic reasons. Doing so causes an indirect violation of the present and future society.

Many socialists believe or have brainwashed themselves into believing that they have contributed massively as long as they pay their taxes. The ones that are the true contributors to world development and make a lasting difference are for instance philosophers, scientists or artists. 

The State Suppressor should not be responsible for financially securing non-talents or idle individuals that have failed to contribute with something important.

One example of an intellectual nadir considering Norway and its grip of moralism was aired on television in 2008: the discussion concerned whether or not politicians in the Parliament had bought sex while being on an official journey. Yes, indeed they debated this issue – even at a time when sex was still legal.

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

This is where people with high integrity are forced to laugh or cry.
Do official journeys include spare time? May one visit the cinema, a café or a museum when time allows it? If going to the theatre is defined as a spare time activity, then logically it follows that there is time to spare, or administer freely, when one is sent away on an official journey. If one chooses to buy consensual sex, thus honestly, in your spare time, this act probably takes less time than a regular movie; what is the difference? Nothing, of course. Why the debate at all? There is only one possible answer: Norway. A small country filled with minor characters that run the country, only possible through democracy. Morality and assumptions, for sure; a shame these traits have so much power.




§18 Self-insight

Only when one attains a greater knowledge of one’s own position compared to the world surrounding you, and actually fully respect that others may see the world and individuals differently than yourself, then one may choose for oneself, and respectfully so, using more integrity and dignity towards the weaker and the stronger in society.

§19 Unrestricted options

Your own choice is the opposite of slavery.

The fight against human trafficking and other types of slavery must never be fought at the expense of the human right to make personal choices. This fight certainly affects women, who the State Suppressor now tells «You do not know what is best for you. You are a victim.» 

AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

This is where people with high integrity are forced to laugh or cry.


Human trafficking and procuration or pimping have been prohibited for a long time in Norway. A procurer is basically a much-stigmatized name for an agent. In several lines of business, agents are used to securing organized working conditions and are paid provision. The best way to control procurers or agents is to make them comply with the Working Environment Act and other laws concerning business.

Behind the new and discriminating law that prohibits sex are neo-moralists who play upon the misconception that the old and established laws did not work or that the police were inefficient, maybe due to resources, in maintaining and acting upon them. It is blameworthy that human trafficking and modern-day slavery still exist.

A typical argument form the Norwegian socialist side is: what about the victims, then? Why ask such a question when slavery has been prohibited for a long time? What I think, when I come across such instances is that the real victims shall receive all possible help. But the ones who wish to or choose to work with sex is no more victim than anyone else.

Of course, the large-scale victimization of females and males takes place in the warped minds of the immature left-wing radicals.


This is pure and simple, SOLVITHENE: one has to punish molesters, and promote what is free will and freedom in general, not penalize both molesters and free will. The victimization of people is such a mindless, socialistic and moralistic solution: it is absurd, unfair, vicious and inconsistent compared to other logical aspects of society. One cannot prove that someone does not wish to or choose to do certain things if one does not fulfil a certain set of evidential credentials. 

Whether or not there are individuals being subjected to human trafficking, there is but one culprit: the one(s) responsible for the trafficking. Innocent people that need health service have absolutely nothing to do with this. Full stop. End of discussion. Completely logical. The only right way to go about this is to investigate properly to catch the real criminals. Or else one will create a state of sorrow and a lack of respect. Norway is also made fun of internationally. Many laugh behind this nation’s back, and are ashamed on account of human dignity.


It is inconsistent if the ones making sex illegal still believe that you should be allowed to buy a Bible or alcohol; both objects having led to misery in terms of religious obsession and alcoholism. Furthermore, they have led to unbelievable misery, child- and spouse abuse, wars and psychiatric disorder everywhere you look in society. Should one stop selling fuel or forbid car traffic because people become crippled or killed in accidents? Why is alcohol still permitted for sale when so many turn into slaves of alcoholism? Fat inducing foods should also then become prohibited. Should people be hindered from buying a pair of jeans because there might be production companies using child labour? Yes, of course, if one is to follow the semantics of the Sex Prohibition Law in a credible manner. If one does not, it becomes inconsistent and, according to SOLVITHENE’s opinion, a violation just to prohibit one matter when every other matter strikes the same chords.

In that case, one must prohibit every obvious and damaging aspect, if either one of them is to be credible. You will find the same situation when comparing human trafficking and sex sale. If one wants to exterminate child labour, one must also stop selling clothes. Surely, this will not affect the clothes manufacturers? And surely, every manufacturer will certainly stop producing clothes? Would it not be easier to catch the real criminals, and not invent criminal consumers?

If one cannot embrace every aspect of the sex trade equally, one cannot avoid the conclusion that those who have passed this law use it to forbid a manner of sex they do not approve of themselves. Proof of the opposite does not exist. I have yet to find any proof in Norway.

The people that invent such laws should be punished very severely, as they are snakes swimming in the vicious sea of conformity. They should be incarcerated for life, and sentenced with huge fines for ruining people directly, and equally dangerous; indirectly.



The indirect often proves to be more dangerous because it deceives people and tricks them into believing that they have come up with the answer on their own.

If there is a consensus that each individual in modern times should be able to make their own choices, and that buying sex is part of the establishment in the field of health and relaxation, one would initiate a mental process that in time, after some years of acceptance and a sensible media attention, will remove the unjustified opinion of sex as something belonging to marriages, in a relationship, or indeed, that it must be free of charge. I want to remind you of the earlier mentioned Ibsen quote about people’s life-lies.

To draw parallels between human trafficking and sex work in general is easiest done by possessing low integrity or by feeling threatened personally owing to low integrity. One is ignoring, on purpose, the numerous instances of individuals that wish or choose this occupation and feel proud to do so. And even if their choice is motivated by the possibility to earn money, even though this occupation is not their first choice; so what? A lot of people in different occupations, and especially in the private sector, have to go through the day to achieve their primary goal: to make money.

Professional pride is degraded and grows pale in every occupation if it is stigmatized.

Stigmatization might lead to deliberate soul-killing, self-esteem murder or suicide. Thereby one exploits the opinion and mass suggestion helped by those who do not know the case well enough or assisted by those who have massive issues and ulterior aggression, as these people are easily formed and easily rescued. In such instances, the discussion is not clean, non-subjective nor well-intentioned.

In every religion and in many stigmatized occupations, there will always be defectors breaking out who will talk derogatively about their former life, while being committed to their new life. This seems to be a natural mechanism to protect the inherent worth - but this action will strike both ways in a tabloid fashion: «Drug addict saved by Jesus» or «From Jesus to another addiction». The same is true for people selling sex: «A period I will not talk about» or the other way around «Finally an occupation that suits me and the way I am created». Hence, the only solution must be to respect that all people are different and must be treated with respect, as long as they do not force their convictions onto others. 



§20 The role of the police

The Police should be very careful not to lose their respect in society after the introduction of the Sex Prohibition Law. They should not threaten to divulge certain types of information to the public, future employees or indirectly threaten the arrestee with the possibility that, unless he accepts the sex-fine on the spot, it will be unpleasant both publically and for the family. Should this violation from the police take place, one must ask for the officer’s name and report this person on the grounds of extortion or infringement.

What if the officer suddenly got unexpected visitors barging into to his bedroom; giving him a fine for having pure sex? This situation is exactly the same as their intrusions into other people’s private spheres. This is pure logic: In any case, this is a matter of consensual sex and then the police uniform loses its symbolic effect. Seeing as sex cannot be proven unhealthy, rather, it is the opposite; one cannot prohibit the trade connected to it. 

The police’s role has changed from maintaining order and peace to being the ones creating the disturbance with their interfering into individuals’ privacy. Completely unnecessary, too.

I cannot imagine that the sex workers feel an improvement in the cooperation with the police; the opposite is true. The police are most certainly viewed as enemies stressing and ruining their work situation.

To increase the fines because one is told that the fines are OK seems like a very desperate act. The traffic police must hear that the speeding tickets they issue are OK, and SOLVITHENE has even heard of tourists keeping a specific budget to pay for their speeding during their summer holidays. Why then, weren’t these types of tickets raised to 25.000 after 11 months of action time? I believe the answer is self-evident. Moralizing and more moralizing.

How can one say HA-HA infinitely?

And SOLVITHENE believes that the police underestimate their audience, or that they provoke more than needed when they try to make people believe that buying sex is grave because the fines have been raised. The importance of this law is controversial enough. How many would agree that driving 120 kilometres an hour in an 80 zone is more lethal to the surroundings than a consensual and pleasant sex buying agreement between two adults?

SOLVITHENE actually feels sorry for the police, but that feeling is mixed with a gradual lessening of respect for them, as they will not deny infringing upon people’s privacy.

The new sex law is used as an invisible coercion tactic as a means to cleanse the streets and as such ease the police’s keeping of order. By introducing such a law, one perchance permits a prejudiced demolition of a group’s livelihood and totally innocent business partners.

What else is this act but discrimination? How can the police commit such obvious violations against the privacy of the people? If SOLVITHENE were an officer of the law, SOLVITHENE would have found it extremely embarrassing to uphold this law, and SOLVITHENE would leave the position immediately is SOLVITHENE were forced to sabotage personal freedom based on the contents of this law. This exit equals respect.

Unfortunately, one cannot respect police officers condoning this witch-hunt by arresting the innocent. «I am only following orders» will not suffice. 

I also suspect, but cannot prove, that the police, encouraged by the socialist government, propagandize the case in the media and press, forced to feel guilty if they do not describe the case one-sidedly: the one describing the poor victims.

Why are there never headlines such as «NO SUSPICION OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING – THE POLICE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE» displaying a photograph of the police express regret to the bullied victims, and the terrible investigation which led to this violation of privacy.

In the current situation, the police in Norway may harass innocent without any consequence.

Yes, I have found that this is actually possible.


I have investigated some. Here, the words «Pravda» and the Soviet Union immediately come to mind because they are parallels. The information reaching the public was censored. And remember; the indirect censorship, carried out by letting the media believe it has its own opinion, is often the most effective.

The police should inform the youth and others about the following concerning the police academy: If you work for the police you are supposed to pry into private people’s lives, people who have not committed any real crime. The persecution of homosexuals in Norway shows many similar, historic traits – and may well become a reality again. Prior to 1972, the practicing of homosexuality was forbidden in Norway.



I believe that quite a few would avoid such an education if the police were honest about what was expected in this field of work.

§21 The Nanny State

The problem with the system of a governmentally run Nanny State is that you always bring down a large group of people who wish to work within a specific field of occupation. Still, not everyone is happy with their occupational choice; it is a choice one has to make in order to make money, and you have to respect each other in order to avoid unrest and wars. Because we are indeed individuals – not masses.

§22 Hidden agendas

A new pain must never replace another. The merger and confusion of for instance human trafficking and the sale of consensual sexual services is illogical, and cannot ascend from other sources than the low integrity, sentiment - always extremely hazardous - or hidden agendas rooted deep within the facilitators of this merger. This is dangerous in the long run. History offers knowledge constantly. Why seek these traps and hardships when they are easy to avoid using your own experience?

§23 Inadvertent harm

Until one can find a truthful answer for yourself alone, one should leave any question open and thus respect the personal choices others make. The opposite might lead to harm inflicting others and by this, also inflicting yourself.

§24 Ignorance of history

History shows that governmentally initiated attempts of violation against personal freedom will stir up a revolution or other unfortunate incidents. The elimination or moderation of regimes like dictatorships, religious societies, Communism and Nazism are all examples of how people ultimately have enough of unnecessary confinement, controlling guardianship and miscarriage of justice. Norway has lately and suddenly started to use neo-moralist arguments as a primary weapon, and is very close to approaching systems so many have fought to escape or get rid of. This shows that the country has not learned enough from history and is a lot more spoiled than it is comfortable to admit.

After some time, such garish prohibition aspects will be removed again because time will show that it is indeed an encroachment to forbid actions that, in themselves, do not harm. To forbid things twice is regrettable and a waste of time, when, sooner or later the laws will be changed into something more reasonable. 

Seen from an anthropological perspective, perhaps the real reason behind all this is the country’s state religion Christianity, which will pursue the uncritical person as he grows up. One may suspect that quite a few of those passing the laws in the Parliament are the same who have had their children baptized, of course without the children’s consent. Often, these cowardly and thoughtless people follow traditions – it is not a question of being a personal Christian, or the facets of death versus life or heaven versus hell; all which are matters to be followed up as it is stated and affirmed in the ritual of a christening. Many of the same people will sing hymns at funerals, even though they are not personal Christians. 

And these false creatures, hailing from the Norwegian rural villages, constitute the state and are actually the ones running this country. Again, this is only made possible through democracy.

Swindle and corruption is to recognize votes that one knows come from electors who are not familiar with what they vote for, but vote purely out of loyalty. If one is a decent leader, such votes will not be recognized as they are «Judas money» – intended to gain power.

The survival of the fittest. People are animals. Conclusion: Socialism is hereby proven to be absolutely unnatural because it does not acknowledge the fittest.

It is possibly too painful to realize that one is wrong and consequently one chooses to drift along with old traditions and conventions. This is extremely egotistic, and it bears witness of a small personality.

Why then, did a majority of the Parliament, which consisted of the left wing supported by the Christian Democratic Party, vote to introduce the Sex Prohibition Act, one might ask. The answer is self-evident: the same reason the Parliament after many years of discrimination wouldn’t put an end to the Christian preamble, and that many of the same people, including non-Christians, eyes wide open and without the humbleness towards the Bible’s principle of heaven versus hell, baptize their children who become a part of the Christian faith. Finally, in May 2012, church and state were separated. It is rather unbelievable that this took so long; but perhaps one dares to hope that other discriminating and illogical acts will be abolished, too.



Sending your children off to children’s gospel choir or other Christian activities is just as dangerous as pushing drugs into their hands. Provide logical counter-evidence, if you can.


This seems logical as the symptoms of abstinence and existential problems occur when one wants to quit doing drugs or religion. One establishes and maintains castles in the air, pushed forward by the anxiety of dying and a fabricated sense of guilt. Psychiatry is brimming with instances of patients that are suffering from religious delusions. Anxiety is one of religion’s most effective means of control.

Religion and morality are inappropriate factors in politics as religion and morality are private matters – and politics is the opposite. The Sex Prohibition Law is affecting people’s private lives.


(A boy comes running from the town carrying two stone tablets. He delivered them to AQUALIA.
On one of the sides was the following inscription: «Why live before dying?» The other carried the inscription «6,93».)



6,93 billion people are defiled or murdered by socialism.

The real killings and defilement are in the air in the room, because all people seemingly have to die sooner or later.

Imagine, SOLVITHENE, a day in the life of a socialist youth. Warped opinions all the way from the breakfast table in their adolescence, up to the point where they were seemingly voluntarily enrolled into a political organization. Their parents or friends redeemed them and instigated their childhood faith. The real guilty parties are the parents because they have pushed this political drug addiction on to the next generation. Who else, SOLVITHENE?



Of course, this is right. Again, when an authority is in charge of running the ship one has to beware of the command of fanaticism.

Besides, parents or caretakers sending their children off to a school run on a Christian preamble are basically saying the following to their children: «Now I have packed your satchel with drugs. Now you can get high!» Religion is essentially much more dangerous than other types of drugs.



A great deal of psychiatric patients has become just that because of religion, directly or indirectly.

And when there is a disaster of tabloid dimensions, there are memorial services, even though there must be a God behind it all - seeing that this God is almighty. Laugh or cry? Here one has to laugh, mostly.

Remember too, SOLVITHENE, that many who are living their life-lies, attire in the Emperor’s new clothes and lure new victims to follow their path.



§25 Prisoners of conscience

Listen to this; it is completely unbelievable: In 2009, the Norwegian socialism-infected Government tried to limit the right to criticize religious environments in order to protect religion against insults. 

This compares to protecting bacteria from antibiotics.

One might wonder whether or not this is a joke. Still, with the then newly passed Sex Prohibition Law in mind, one cannot avoid being dumbstruck by the flourishing of evil. This is an insult to the millions of people around the world who suffer under daily religious suppression. To protect this suppression is as dire as high treason, and deserves equal punishment. Just the fact that Christians have their own national service broadcasted by the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, when other religions, Satanists included, cannot do the same for exactly the same amount of time and using the same attractive radio slots, is discriminatory.

How could this be in 2009? Luckily, the socialist Government turned around after a massive pressure by intellectual groups and well-versed people.

SOLVITHENE is convinced that the Sex Prohibition Law, which some weeks earlier, in 2008 was the first and truly stirring, discriminating and controversial Law proposal in years, before the mentioned blasphemy incident to be passed, because many of the politicians were either inattentive, caught off guard, or felt uneasy about opposing this proposal in public.

This case was perhaps seen as too incredible or surreal to be true. From a private point of view, it was perchance least uncompromising or dangerous to get carried away by the leftwing and Christian radicals who spread fictitious guilty conscience. Had this draft legislation been put forward after the proposal of changing the blasphemy article, and had it been scrutinized through a clean lens, it would possibly have been met with a greater public and thought through resistance, and it would have been fended off before the tragedy and violation against this nation became a fact.

Regrettably, the Sex Prohibition Law might persevere for some years, maybe even as long as the unfathomable discriminating Christian preamble that Norway embraced for so long. 

It must be very comfortable for those who do not contribute with anything important in the world to have this law on their CV, as a majority of such citizens are not risking anything by obliging. It is incredibly selfish of the same politicians to consume art; the paintings hanging on their walls are very likely created by artists who are sex buyers or social workers in a wider concept.

Moralizing is popular because evil is popular.

I would like to sell sex, but not if I could risk that someone suddenly comes barging through the door and violates my private sphere and my business without my consent.

You must also remember that the word victim very often is misused. The word exposed is a much more fitting term – as victim is a charged and subjective noun. You may be exposed to something without feeling victimized or being a victim.


§26 The damaging of health services

Sex has not been proven to be contaminating; neither to the air we breathe nor to the food that we eat. Normal sex has not been proven to be cancer inducing nor health damaging in any respect. Sex has not been proven to not to be social and relaxing.

On the other hand, sex has been proven to be a source of physical exercise and mental wellbeing. 

Hence, one cannot use the same arguments as have been used when arguing against alcohol and tobacco, as one cannot measure the risk of getting cancer and physical poisoning in the same manner.

Sex cannot be prohibited – because it is not poisonous. Still, it has been prohibited in Norway.

The Christian mass conformity that has developed over generations, together with warped feminist ideas may be some of the reason why moralizing and discriminating laws are still passed in Norway.




*** Recommendations for new articles for the Law of Dignity *** 




Conditions for living an honest life in Norway have worsened. Someday, material and immaterial civil actions will be taken against the State Suppressor and the defilements that have been staged based on ulterior motives and without relevant arguments and foundation. History shows that this is sure to happen in a nation ruled by discriminating and unfair governments. A whole range of communistic countries constitute significant examples. The fact that homosexuality was not recognized by the State Suppressor until the 1970s proves that Norway is fully capable of such violations today also.

That is why sexual services, in the manner it is presented in sophisticated countries around the world today, will force its way into becoming an acceptable profession, protected by the Working Environment Act, as soon as the fear and prejudice associated with this profession fade away. Unfortunately, until human worth is protected and respected, precious time is wasted and people are degraded unnecessarily.

Today, Norway could have been a country to be proud of, but in passing the Sex Prohibition Law, the country has taken gigantic leaps into medievalist insane social practice, and now we see discriminating violations and obvious indirect persecution and taunting of those disagreeing with the few fools behind the new law.

It would be better for the ones subject to slavery to be informed that there is a consensual variety also, a variety one can make a living out of, equal to other types of occupations. Then it would be easier to catch the real criminals without violating a great majority of decent people

Sex workers are mocked and feel worthless because of the State Suppressor; though not necessarily in society itself. They live a more vulnerable life as their customers are more stressed by the conditions. This is completely natural; I would have to add.

Such violations carried out by the Norwegian state are not punished. Claims for damages are being written this very moment and they are aimed at the ones behind this act.

The moralists should indulge in their own self-righteousness while they can. One may laugh at their ways now, yet there are tears of gallows humour hiding in the corner of the eye.

From 2009, one should be ashamed of being Norwegian. Death is inevitable for everyone, but one of the groups fighting for the prohibition of sexual transactions domestically has used arguments concerning the state of Sweden; a tabloid-violent and smug country – almost the only other country in the world passing a law prohibiting the buying of sexual services. What has the world come to? Without any elaborative descriptions, SOLVITHENE thinks that it is no coincidence that many Norwegians are introduced to the Swede’s anonymous, bland identity through jokes or television series and films containing extreme, tabloid and excessive violence.

Norway-Sweden has yet again become a two-headed monster - newly rich and with a garish nationalistic government – where violence on television is more accepted than consensual sex, and where many believe that socialism is something else than profound evil; feeling guilty in order to justify their own violations. Norway-Sweden has again reared its head. What ever happened to the separation of 1905? 

There are two easy ways to remove sex workers from the street corners. One: let them work under decent conditions like every other employee has the right to according to the Working Environment Act. The other way is to remove the customer foundation. The latter is as severe a violation as bereaving people the right to religious freedom; like forbidding people not to be Christians, or making it illegal to buy milk from farmers. What atheists or farmers would accept this? 

Pure logic: If consensual sex with a sex worker is rape, then any consensual intercourse with any person must be rape.

Applying rhetoric and logical juxtaposition, it must be a criminal offence committed by the State Suppressor to remove the foundation of income from one profession when the arguments used are irrelevant and false seeing as many people choose to or want to work in this profession, and thus the State Suppressor commits a serious offence regarding the inflicted individual’s opinions, self-esteem and philosophy of life.

The State Suppressor’s violations against honest people who want to buy sexual services from the ones who want to sell it voluntarily has, amazingly enough, become a news item in recent, Norwegian history.

How could history repeat itself in such a short time span; so recent after similar federal defilements against minorities have been executed in World Wars? Is it impossible to see the connection to how the seed of turbulence and unrest is sown? 

Answer: Illogical violation of the private sphere and a total lack of respect.

Did Norway want to remove itself from democracy and cultivate a new police state? Did Norway become this spoiled even with the tainted history breathing in the back of its neck?

Yes, the left-wing radicals have done a thorough job applying their terror scenarios – in order to assert their own egos.

Seen from an external point of view, the oil findings in the 1970s have devaluated the country and made it less humble; furthermoreoil spurred a lot more guilty conscience because of the underserved riches – and thus the State Suppressor needs to fabricate villains and criminals, other than itself, to feel absolved. One is tempted to believe that the modern age and general enlightenment through TV, radio and internet have made the country more aware of the destructiveness of religion, fanaticism and socialism, like the situation of China in the 1960s. Unfortunately and unbelievably not. Currently, neo- moralism is about to force Norway straight back to medieval ages, while the flock of sheep belonging to the socialist regime close their eyes – consciously or unconsciously.

What is more, many are not sufficiently intellectually enlightened or they are just too immature to grasp how Norway is about to become destroyed. And this happens very swiftly, and it pollutes the brains of children and adults alike.

The statement that Norway is one of the world’s best countries to live in is a ludicrous one. One might claim this if the parameters are material wealth, or how the welfare society takes care of a human being from cradle to grave – in and economic sense. We are talking about the gross domestic product. GDP. Such welfare is unproblematic to implement in an exceedingly rich country, and therefore completely unimpressive. The oil is not Norwegian, as mentioned. Some people, contrary to the socialists, really want to earn something – not demand, steal or claim our right to something. The oil is stolen from the earth by Norway because of the so-called national right of disposition.  

What if the parameters and the criteria for the best country in the world were measured by personal freedom uninfluenced by certain a governmentally preferred viewpoints seeping into the educational system and into the media, and without people living in degradation because they are not a part of the socialist regime’s flock of sheep?

SOLVITHENE claims that Norway is currently one of the world’s worst and most dangerous countries to reside in.

Unfortunately, SOLVITHENE has to admit that there are similarities between certain regimes, which also have implemented unnecessary and defiling laws that are meant to regulate people down to the bedroom level. When does infidelity become illegal in Norway? Because sex is. This is a natural chain of events following the inverted development. An upheaval in this country is only a matter of time. Or, I forgot: the socialists living in Norway might think it is more comfortable closing their eyes to the truth, rather than possibly losing their status symbols - and so there might not be a revolution, but just a continuing of the defilement and violation because democracy has a tendency to ensure a majority to the flock of sheep.

Recently a decision, SOLVITHENE suspects socialists or Christians were the initiators, was made to hide tobacco in cabinets in every shop and outlet in this country. Ironically, printed on these cabinets in capital letters is the word: «TOBACCO». Why then, is alcohol still not in a locked cabinet? And why not soft drinks and fatty foods? Again, this is a matter of what is out of sight is out of mind. One is allowed to get high on religion, socialism and alcohol – until the dying day. But tobacco must not be in sight and sex purchases must be out of mind. It is the State Suppressor that decides what intoxicating substances are legal, and what is right and wrong in society without the necessary logical foundation. This equals moral. This is the situation in a free country. The State Suppressor decides that you may die happily from religious beliefs, socialism and alcohol, but smoking and sex would lead to worse deaths. 


AQUALIA (suddenly speaks to SOLVITHENE)

This is where people of high integrity are forced to laugh or cry. 

The state should keep far away from religion and moral.


SOLVITHENE (laughing laconically)

SOLVITHENE is actually laughing right now because this is plain socialistic ruthlessness. The exact opposite of what they like to believe. Soon there might be regulations on how to greet a person.

If a person would like to smoke or copulate himself into an early grave in order to find some meaning in life; then go ahead. One should not be forced to live a regulated ordinary life sponsored by social security. This is not freedom either.

Too many citizens have slept through class and permitted the narrow-minded with their smug, pseudo-intellectual faces take control over everyone’s lives. In my world, when new history books are written, shame would be a sufficient punishment for these people. This is how lenient SOLVITHENE is. For now.

But SOLVITHENE is not alone in proposing new laws and rules, thus the following new articles are but fair in light of the damaging proportions of the current situation:



***New articles for the Law of Dignity***

Articles to be passed in the Assembly of Nobles 2012
(Written and proclaimed by SOLVITHENE)




§27 Punishment for people that pass defiling laws 

Those drawing up or voting for a law or an act that defiles people by interfering into their privacy – for example by prohibiting the purchasing of consensual sexual services, will have to pay a penalty of NOK 50.000 or be imprisoned for 16 months. In Oslo, the gaudiest city of Norway, the fine has to be NOK 100.000 or prison for 40 months. In certain cases where these laws have contributed directly to suicide, the persons responsible for these laws are to sit in solitary confinement for life due to the deprivation of freedom causing suicide. This should be done to avoid further damage in society and to avoid influencing other inmates.

§28 The fall of the Sex Prohibition Law and a warning against repeating history

The so-called Sex Prohibition Law - also known as the Sex Purchase Law by the few responsible for it - must be declared void because of its discriminating content. As a logical consequence, before it is permanently removed anyway, this law must not be followed to limit the damaging effects it will have on innocent children, women and men.

§29 Punishment for people behind the Sex Prohibition Law

There are two types of penalties for people who are behind the Sex Prohibition Law: Nationally and internationally via the Human Rights Courts. 

The sentencing by Human Rights Courts is entrusted to these respective authorities.

The ones responsible for the Sex Prohibition Law have one chance to make amends by asking for a pardon in this specific case after they have made some new reflections considering the law. This requires an active, outward action in the political arena. This must also include an unreserved apology to each and every real victim. It is no shame in admitting one’s mistakes when one acknowledges having been mistaken. This is fair and will reduce the punishment.

The ones voting for the passing of a lethal, infringing Sex Prohibition Law, whether in the Parliament or at National Conventions, have to be identified with their name and photo in the press to let people know who they cannot trust in similar situations where matters concerning interpersonal relations are to be decided. 

These perpetrators have to pay NOK. 50.000 to each Norwegian citizen – equaling five million times 50.000 per perpetrator. Additionally, they have to pay each sex worker a compensation for lost income from January 1, 2009 until the present day.

In the future, all law proposals considering the transaction of sexual services, everyone that are to decide upon such a matter should, based on past experiences, be instructed to go through with a consensual sex purchase: indoors, in a normal room – to be sure of the nuances in such a situation. Unfortunately, there are indications that this is necessary and the most accurate way to make an unbiased decision. 

For the CFS, mind you. 

Likewise, socialists cannot be deemed credible when they decide to take the so-called Anti-Bullying Oath or associated popular national campaigns as socialism’s inherent nature is just that: bullying and defiling, leading to an infinitely arrogant and smug behaviour.


§30 Punishment for the discrimination and defiling of the freedom of speech in Norway

People contributing to passing laws that confine the freedom of speech, discriminating people, and do not profess to fairytales, superstition, religion or self-glorifying fanatical feminist groups or religious groups, must be punished with penalties equaling high treason because of the similarities in the harm they inflict upon citizens.



*** Epilogue ***




Five facts you need to be aware of before visiting or moving to Norway 

1. Religion and socialism in villages and cities are strongly present in Norway. If you are a free-spirited and unconventional thinker, and not a member of the flock of sheep, this might be a fanatical and vicious country in which to settle.  

2. All sex – including the most uncontrived form, the one you make up for with settlement, is prohibited in Norway. The Sex Prohibition Law (known as the Sex Purchase Law) in Norway is a violation of 12 Human Rights. With a law like this in effect, every second is an interpersonal disaster. You may be arrested for trying to have consensual sex with another adult.

3. A wide range of unwritten, neo-moralist and violating rules exist in Norway. Hence, there is a lot of anger and crime in this country muffled by the fact that it is so rich that it can sweep the problems under the carpet using money and a so-called welfare to distract the citizens. 

4. Norway still applies moralistic laws and regulations that might have been used in socialistic regimes or in the Middle Ages after the Christianization of the country. How can people act and live within these parameters? Simply because some are too imprudent or vicious to take counteraction, infused with nostalgia and traditions that overrun logic.

5. The Norwegian State is, together with the former Soviet States, well known for spreading misguiding propaganda about certain matters the government do not like

Many dissidents had to flee the Soviet Union. You can flee Norway too if you live there or have a Norwegian citizenship. There are very few Western countries that have prohibited sex. Move to and change citizenship in a country where the State Suppressor does not commit obvious offences against your privacy. 

Alternatively, you have to lead a double life.

If you are a Norwegian citizen and copulate with your friend, wife, partner or a professional, you are actually breaking the law per 2012. 



Despite this, some people have seen through this madness, but shrug their shoulders and choose to live secret lives. One might claim that this is better than dying, but it should not have to be this way. Perhaps it is a tad cowardly. 

If you move from Norway to a free country, you change from being a citizen of the State Suppressor to becoming a citizen of a free country.

A question for the wind: Have you ever wondered how fascinatingly easily you breathe in some countries, just sitting in a café, looking out the window. While in others – like Norway – you feel violated, garish and bereft of freedom? With the exception of the apathetic addicts of socialist and religious intoxication, it is in a country like Norway that you will feel the violations.

Some things in the world have nothing to do with money. Remember that a wealthy country does not equal a free country.

The ones presenting the most danger in society are often people who are both intellectuals and religious.

Alsoremember that high integrity is not the same as great intellect. Integrity is present when you are left with a feeling of having talked to you or him or her – not mere shadows reciting of adopted opinions and quackery originally emerging from moral and religion. Forced Christianization was popular in the Middle Ages, and incredibly enough we face the same today with the forced denial of consensual sex.

Today, a forced moralism has been established, despite innumerable examples that logic, freedom and science constitute the only reasonable road to follow for human beings – who, after all, are creatures with a limited brain capacity.  

The alternative is inevitably moral, presumptions or religion. This seems logical. Contradict this, if possible. Remember, all the time you will have to bear in mind the following statement: Raise your hand, if you are God!

The Law of Dignity illuminates logically, philosophically and historically that socialism and other religions – directly and indirectly – constitute the root of major violations, suffering, death, evil and destruction in the world.

The lack of quality in good leaders, great art and of course tolerance in addition to the lack of underlining the individual’s unique qualities make the world dangerous, biased and derelict in the long run.

This is why democracy is such a lethal and destructive system, as the ungifted and ignorant have equal right to vote as those possessing talent and wisdom.

This is bound to end poorly sooner or later, and will very often end up in total stupidity: taking the form of conventions, moral laws and surreal regulations, which the talented, caring and wise also must abide.

The Law of Dignity illuminates that only the ones with thorough knowledge to all matters that are on the political agenda, and those who can prove that there is no nostalgic or moralistic backdrop to the decisions, can vote in a democracy – so that the inhabitants of the country may have a fair result – or as fair as one can expect from human beings.

If you think it is audacious to claim the above-mentioned, you might want to ask yourself whether it is less audacious to force people into a specific moralistic pattern against many people’s will, with all the disastrous consequences this leads to in the short and long run.

When morality overruns the single individual’s worth and freedom – without real mutual and overall advantage – it bears witness of low integrity and egotism.


If someone wonders if SOLVITHENE is or has been a sex worker, is or has been a sex client or belongs to a specific political party – then this someone has immediately become biased. One does not have to be able to play the guitar in order to have opinions about a guitarist. You do not have to be a member of The Rolling Stones to like or dislike The Rolling Stones.

No matter if the answer is yes or no, it will surely affect the understanding of the Law of Dignity. This is because, just by wondering about this initially, this someone has walked into a trap and thus proven to be biased, and is looking for details to question; details which are irrelevant to the content. A passive-aggressive position well known to occur when feeling threatened.

This is why SOLVITHENE – acknowledging the Law of Dignity and its readers – will refrain unbiased and never comment upon any of the content to influence the reader in any direction.

The respect for intrinsic values and the fear of degradation and violation towards innocent people has stayed unchanged since the day SOLVITHENE spoke her first words. The utmost respect you can show a fellow human is to abstain from spreading propaganda about how he or she undermines him or herself without this being a fact.


SOLVITHENE (looking pensively in direction of the mountains)

The only sensible and logical way for every human to have an unrestrained sex life will then be the following – perpetually:

a) Individuals wanting to buy or sell consensual sex should of course have to possibility to do so. It is a crime to hinder consensual transactions; selling and buying.

b) Individuals that do not want to buy or sell sex should have course never have to. Slavery is a crime and must be investigated when there is a reasonable ground for suspicion.

Then one has to establish a sound way to separate a) and b) instead of criminalizing the totally innocent. 

This is absolute freedom. Anything else is illogical. 

This philosophy illuminates that mixing these two instances a) and b), bears witness of defilement, low integrity and evilness. Then it is up to the police to uphold the rules if they are clever enough and are provided with the resources to reveal instances of slavery. With less stigmatization crime will fade. 



Let me give you a last piece of advice, SOLVITHENE. One must not let the State Suppressor win. There are two possible ways to choose:

1. One can change citizenship; move to a truly free country.

2. One can lead a double life; escaping the authorities time and again because one is clever enough. 



I have learned this the time I have spent in Norway: Socialism gives people the choice between being either senseless or evil. Socialism is a lethal and immense obstacle to freedom, quality and the supporting of the really talented, which again will lead to a lack of knowledge, to conflict and injustice.

 (SOLVITHENE turns to AQUALIA and speaks)

This is what I have learned about this poor nation. I am shocked and exhausted. I have no more strength left. 


May Norway one day become a free country again.




(Lights fade out on stage – and in the theater, lights are turned off for 20 seconds. FALL OF THE CURTAIN. The play is finished.)